Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bless Me Mother, For I Must Have Sinned

I was awake until after two last night. My knees. What the hell is happening with my knees?
I finally got up and finished one book and started another. I am not even going to tell you what that book is.

(I Am Ozzy, written (haha!) by Ozzie Osbourn. So sue me. I got it out of the library. Ozzy's the only person I know who says fuck more than I do. I respect this.)

When I did finally get to sleep, I SLEPT. Did not wake up when Mr. Moon got out of bed way before dawn showed its face to go hunting with Jason. Got up at 8:30. Not respectable, but still, the best I could do.
The party is tonight. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. (Trying to keep perspective here.)

When I left for rehearsal last night, Jessie and Mr. Moon were cleaning. Mr. Moon was cleaning!
The Shop Vac was involved.
When I finally went to back to bed, Jessie and Vergil were still video-chatting.

When I got up, the coffee wasn't made. I had set it. But it wasn't made. I tried to start it. It wouldn't start. I unplugged, I reprogrammed, I restarted.
No coffee.
My house was dark and my pots were cold.
Okay. Poetic license.
I made a cup of tea.
I started the old percolator. That thing takes about forty-five minutes to make three cups of coffee. Oh well. Where am I going?
To town, obviously. Well, I needed to go anyway. But I wasn't planning on going to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Which is where I suppose I need to go.
Quick-quick- tell me what your favorite coffee maker is! I don't grind beans. Sorry. I need it to be programmable. Does Fisher Price make a coffee maker? And the pot, she must pour nicely.

All right. That's all I have to say now. The cowboy coffee (that's what we call what comes out of the percolator) is ready. It's scalding hot and delicious. More than one way to bait a hook, skin a cat, build a fence, make coffee.

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving.

Drink your coffee. Thaw your turkey.
Be sweet. Don't sin.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. maker yes??

    i dont really drink makes my heart beat so fast...and all..when you are a coffee virgin and drink dont really feels so nice..sometimes i fake coffee..means i drink it like i drank it when i still lived in france as a two fingers of coffee and a liter hot milk over it...

    my serbian partner in crime is addicted to when we go to town i always pretend to get a coffee to go..because thats our ritual... before we walk over the market..but truth is...i secretly get hot chocolate instead in a coffee to go cup....renata ask me always..dont you take sugar in that ??? and i always say evil grinning: no ma´am..i need that stuff pure!!!
    sometimes when i m at renatas house her parents want to drink coffee with me..strong..dark...serbian way to replace it with hot chocolate..or god ask for milk!!! i down that cup somehow...its what you owe to a friends parents who know you since about a thousand years...damn that coffee is a burner...i tell you:-)

    so..what i wnated to say is: i have no idea what coffeemaker to buy...i have i never use by krups...and one by senseo..which i use to guess chocolate:-)

  2. dear ms. moon,
    lighting candles for your
    knees and literary falling from grace.
    loving your old percolator. and the clock reporting in at 9:02...
    thinking you have your priorities straight with the praying nun right next to the hot sauce.
    easy reach for any hankering life presents...
    hot and spicy/pious and reflective.
    it all works, as long as there is coffee!

    here's to a spicy good knee day.


  3. I adore Ozzy Osbourne. He reminds me of my grandfather for some damn reason.

    I've always liked Krupp coffeemakers, even though I don't have a Krupp currently. I don't even want to think about having no working coffeemaker. I am an addict, and I don't buy cheap crappy coffee either. My logic is that if I die today, I don't want my last cup of coffee to have been shit. Got me?

  4. I can't even imagine a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond today... and I'm really sorry your knees kept you awake. But you sure do make me laugh, and for this I am thankful on this day-before-Thanksgiving.

  5. The Kitchenaid coffee maker that looks like a retro one -- tall stainless box-like thing. You can program it, the coffee tastes fantastic and we've had ours for many years (knock on wood!)

    Have a wonderful day --

  6. My husband loves his cuisinart which grinds the beans itself.

  7. The coffee pot we have has a stainless carafe so the coffee stays hot in the sucker for hours and hours and hours.

    my wv = buzzin :)

  8. BEthany waxed rapturous about the Kitchenaid one in a post a while ago - that she got second hand!

    Or you could ask Danielle to send you his Krups one, though that might take to long for your caffeinie addicted ass to wait :)

  9. I am such a damn mess today, I can't imagine doing the retail thing. Not a coffee drinker either so I am no help :) But I do love you, and hope you have a good day and get home fast!

  10. Melita cone w/ a paper filter. Delicious. Y'all have a nice Thanksgiving over there.

  11. We have so many coffee makers but the favorite is the Krup with the drop in little cups of ground coffee. Delicious and easy. Have a good party and a Happy T-Day.

  12. Oh Ms Moon, I think you're amazing. I didn't get to sleep until after 2 either, the last few nights actually. My it's not my knees, it's my crazy mind. I'm sorry about your knees. I am impressed with your waking up so EARLY. I got up after 10 and was a whole hour late for work. No time to even make coffee. Mama mia.
    You are my hero.

    PS Daniel's comment made me lol, so funny and stinkin cute.

  13. we have the hamilton beach one with the carafe that makes 12 cups and keeps it warm for hours without the burnt taste.

    i would die without coffee. we have a 6 cup french press for camping/ power outages- the coffee from the french press is very good and the french press was less than $20 at target!


  14. Just loving your posts, Ms Moon.

    Wanted you to know.

  15. I don't drink coffee and we don't do Thanksgiving. Is it evil that this helps me see my day as more manageable? (I cried this morning, just thinking of how I was going to get through the day. Damn no sleep.)

    I apologise for being all me,me,me. I will make my next comment about you. Honest. (It's the tiredness, I swear. I love you.)


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