Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rocking On

After watching a two hour PBS special on John Lennon last night, I went to sleep to dream of George W. Bush.
I am not kidding.
Why did he crawl out from under that rock in Texas and make himself part of my consciousness again? Why?
In my dream he called some hens "guys." I said to him, "Those are hens. They are females."
We were in a giant department store.

So, okay.

Jessie's here. Everything will be under control. Owen's coming for the day. I have approximately one third of the house slightly clean. The dogs' bedding has been washed. All the sheets have been washed and the beds remade. The rugs have been washed. I need to risk death and take the turkey out to thaw as it is still in the bowling ball stage of defrosting (i.e. not defrosting).

I have rehearsal tonight.

I haven't bought rolls.

Well, what are you going to do?

I had an epiphany yesterday. I am not a Christian. Thus, I do not need to celebrate Christmas. Thank-you very much.
I told Jessie about this. She asked if the kids would all still get money and could we just do stockings?
I told her yes.

Oh boy.

Well, one thing at a time. Mr. Moon has asked for a list. It will be comprised of this:


He can handle that. Maybe I'll push my luck and have him pick up rolls too.

What are you doing today? Do you have a fourteen-month old who can dust mop?
I didn't think so.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Will you still get us sweet rolls for Xmas morning breakfast if we kids make everything else again?

  2. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Amen to that, sister.

    DTG- Well, of course.

  3. Christmas will consist of doing for others by having a bunch of people over who have no family. We will fix them dinner and that will be our celebration. I am glad for that.

  4. I think even the Christians should stop celebrating Christmas - because of what it has become.

  5. Never mind the dust. I find that good friends and friendly visitors never really notice these things. Only nitpickers and those who wish to begrudge your happy home will run a finger along the door frame and screw up their noses.
    As the writer Quentin Crisp famously remarker about his apartment which he never cleaned: "After four years, you don't notice the dust."

  6. I have a three month old who can tell you a whole story and grab a cloth and hold it to his cheek. Ha!

    Oh, and Christmas? You are a GENIUS!!!

  7. Yes add rolls to Mr Moon's list, he can handle that, I know it.

    So glad Jessie is there helping.

    Have fun at rehearsal.Let us know how it goes if you have time.
    You're a busy woman.

    I know Owen will dust mop the heck out of your house.

    I'm just working at the library today and trying to keep my SELF intact. Not an easy thing since I've just been born.

  8. Oh, my goodness. I dreamed about you last night. You were VERY TALL and dressed in a red satin dress. I came up to about your breasts -- and Sophie was a baby and sleeping in the sand. The ocean was nearby and you had a lot of interesting -- perhaps freakish -- people milling about your house. You were very gracious to me, motherly and exotic all at once. Weird. I wonder what all of that means?

  9. Queen Teen is visiting her dad this Thanksgiving, so my hubby and I are visiting friends in San Fran. No turkey. Instead we're getting drunk and eating crab. I'm not a Christian either, which has actually made Christmas easier to deal with. We celebrate Solstice in my home, with Christmas reserved for my family who are Christian, and Santa, although Queen Teen is starting to lose her faith in that red elf. Having two holidays to play in December is fun, actually.

  10. Oh, the gluttonous holiday season. I wouldn't mind just meditating on a mountaintop from mid-November until
    January 1st! Retreat and renewal.

  11. I love Elizabeth's dream! I uh was probably one of the freakish people milling about, you know, like I am now...

  12. Lisa P. Rosenberg- I'm going back tomorrow.

    Syd- Y'all are good people.

    Jeannie- If I were Christian, I would be highly offended by what Christmas has become.

    Call Me- It has taken me seven years but I'm there.

    Mwa- That boy is special.

    Bethany- Feeling young today?

    Elizabeth- Well, except for the tallness and red dress, that would be like a regular gathering at my house. We call ourselves "interesting," though. Not freakish. I love the idea of Sophie sleeping as a baby in the sand with the ocean nearby.

    Terena- Getting drunk and eating crab sounds perfect to me.

    A- That does sound rather fine.
    Or...plain old hibernation in a cave.



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