Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Different But Wonderful Thanksgiving

First let me state that I am on Percocet so if this doesn't make a lot of sense, there's a good reason.

Second- Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was wonderful. The party was amazing. There were babies and children and at least forty adults showed up. Some of my very, very favorite people in the entire world. People I've known and loved for almost forty years. People I have I known and loved for a much shorter time but that's hardly the point. My kids, my grandson, my husband. My loves!
It was so warm everyone set up chairs around the fire and the music was there. Two violins, a guitar, a banjo, a cello, a mandolin. Voices! There were voices! And the round moon rose up and shown down and the music rose up to meet it and oh, honeys. It was so good.

There was even a little dancing. Which, to make a long story short, is why I'm on Percocet. Well, that and the fact that I picked up Owen about fifty times yesterday. At least. And these knees- well. They've been heading in the blow-out direction for awhile. I knew better than to dance but come on. I even danced by myself in the hallway yesterday afternoon. I couldn't help it. Bruce was singing and I was happy and so I indulged in my favorite form of prayer and I danced. And I danced with Owen so many times over the course of the day. And then when Kathleen got up and danced in the moonlight, I danced with her and May danced with us, too, and I'll never forget that, ever.

And then, oh well. I was talking to Liz and I felt something in my knee just change. Oh my, I thought. Oh dear.

I didn't sleep very much last night and when I got up, I couldn't bear weight on my left leg. I hobbled out to the porch to discover that Hank and May and Lily were all already up. UP! And everything was fine. I was not the first person up on Thanksgiving morning and the world did not come to an end! The sun was shining, the water still ran in the pipes and came out of the faucets.
And children made the stuffing and got the turkey in the oven and are cooking the greens and everything else. Everything. I sat in the kitchen with my leg up, and told them what to do and Hank said that his broccoli casserole was gourmet and May said, "Uh-uh. My food is gourMAY. Yours is gourHANK!" And then we got into a bit of "that's what she said," and I was laughing so hard and then I took a Percocet and now I'm on Mr. Moon's recliner with ice on my knee and am stoned to the gills on a narcotic and if I want something, all I have to do is ask.


All it took for me to give up control was a blown knee and a strong drug.

Hank and May have gone to Wakulla Springs for dinner with their other parents and assorted family but they'll be back soon and the kids and the grandson and the husband are taking a walk and here I am, cozy and not in pain and the house is beginning to smell like turkey and cornbread stuffing and greens and if I were any more peaceful and calm I'd be dead.

Which I am not.


Let us give thanks. For music under the moon and for friends and for family. For venison smoking outside and turkey roasting in the oven. For greens from the garden and baby boy kisses. For children who grow up and cook Thanksgiving and for husbands and son-in-laws who hunt. For a beautiful sunny warm day and breezes that are making my wind chimes sing.
And for Percocet.
Oh yes.
For Percocet.

And for Ms. Fleur who just came by and brought us vats of mashed potatoes.

Oh my.

I've said it before- I'll say it again- I am the luckiest woman on earth. And yes, I may be on drugs, but I know it's true.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

Loving you...Me


  1. Um. Lovely! That's all it took :)

    Good luck with that knee - giving up control is probably great for knee issues. It's all about bending :)

    Ah, the food, the food, I ouwld love a feast right about now - I have been convincing myself not to make a pumpkin pie just for me all day long :)

  2. It makes lots of sense, Ms. Moon. You are a lucky woman. I hope the knee starts behaving soon. Enjoy your day. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. oh I am all goosebumps happy for you, Ms.Moon.

    well, not that I'm glad about your knee, but you know what I mean.

  4. Ms. Moon-

    Percocet makes any Thanksgiving more than it would otherwise have been.

    Sorry you're crippled, but glad you're feeling no pain.

    How it should be.

    Blessings high, wide, and handsome all around!



  5. I am sorry about the knee but am glad that all is well. The day sounds good. Enjoy relaxing.

  6. Take care of those knees, and I'm so glad you danced!! Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Mary Moonxoxoxo

  7. The dancing sounds worth the price - especially when accompanied by drugs.

    I think delegation and management becomes you.


  8. That injured knee came just at the right time! Seriously, I'm sorry you're in pain and I hope it heals quickly, but yeah, you didn't have to do all the work! Our guests just left, and my first turkey (which I made for my mama) was a success. I hope when I'm a grandmama that my kids will make a turkey for me.

  9. You sound perfectly coherent for one as mellow and stoned as yourself. You were the cutest! I'm glad you had a lovely day, but like everyone, I'm sorry you had to blow out your knee in the process.

    I will call tomorrow and see what Harley and I can do... Maybe feed the birds and collect some eggs and fetch you some coffee or whatever.

  10. I think the dancing was well worth it, but I hope your knee gets better soon. Sounds like a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving to me. My day was absolutely wonderful! My kids were nice to each other and they actually gave each other a huge hug before they went home. I'm exhausted, but very, very happy and I haven't even taken any narcotics today!

  11. So sorry about your knee! :( But good thing for the Percocet, huh? :) Glad you had a good, peaceful day.

  12. Happy Thankgiving beautiful you!
    A visit here after a blessed day just blesses my heart to the gills. Glad your high not glad you're hurt. Yay for pf bringing over the vat of potatoes. I wish it could've been me. Sounds dreamy over there in moon land, love the image of you and k and may dancing. Love you!

  13. This just made me smile big and wide.

    GourMAY and percocet and dancing with Kathleen in the moonlight ...

    Love you Ms. Moon

  14. ms. Moon, darling......sorry about the knee.....keep on with the ice - 20 minutes at a time and bind up the knee in an Ace bandage.....that's been my recipe for bum knees for at least 60 years.

    Lovely post.

  15. Y'all know how to make a Happy T'day out of a blown knee needing medication. Blessings from our house to yours and spread some next door to Petit Fleur for those taters. x0 N2

  16. Jo- Did you make a pie?

    Angie M- The knee is so much better. Thank you.

    deb- I do know what you mean. Thank-you.

    Tearful- Blessings high, wide and handsome most definitely. To you and yours, too.

    Syd- The most relaxing Thanksgiving ever. For me.

    Maggie May- Sometimes you just have to DANCE.
    You know.

    Lisa- Who knew? Crazy. But good.

    BMelons- Brought to you by Percocet!

    Lora- They will. And don't wait until you hurt your knee to find out.

    Ms. Fleur- You are so sweet.

    Lois- That makes me so happy! Yay!

    Nicol- Amen.

    Bethany- Love you, too, sweet girl.

    DTG- I can't even begin to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. It was a great Thanksgiving.

    Michelle- I love you too. You know that?

    Lo- That's pretty much what I'm doing. Damn knees.

    N2- Thanks, dear friend. Thank you.

  17. Oh no! So sorry about your knee but your day sounds fabulous. I love that you sat and bossed them - that's the best part.

    And dancing around a fire! It doesn't get better than that.

    Take care of yourself

  18. I'm a little late checking in, but I must still comment!!

    If you're going to cause injury to yourself I think that you did it int he BEST possible way. Dancing dancing dancing. You're a lucky lady.

  19. Drugs are the answer to everything. The only downside of breastfeeding. :-)
    Apart from the breastfeeding-release drugs, of course. Which are great.

  20. Stoned to the gills on a major holiday sounds just perfect to me!


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