Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lookin' Up

It got cold in the night and my pillows were freezing and that made me happier than a chocolate dip cone from the Tastee Freeze used to do back in the day.
FSU beat University of Florida last night in the game of football. I can almost feel the waves of happiness shooting across the land from the west and the simmering pissed-offedness being sent from the southeast. They converge here, those dueling emotions and neutralize out.
I don't give a shit.
Lots of people do, believe me. They probably danced in the streets of Tallahassee last night. I am thinking about my former yoga teacher and how she and her husband were such die-hard Gator fans and even decorated their Christmas tree with Gator ornaments and yet, they were such believing Catholics, too.
I have always said that the team-gene and the religion-gene go hand-in-hand and I don't have either.
That's just the way it is.
I don't think those guys on the field give a shit about me or whether I watch the game and I don't think that Jesus died for my sins, either. At least I hope not.
Well, it's Sunday. It's chilly and bright as a new dime and my knee is, if not perfectly fine, then at least pretty darn good. I am missing my walks. It would be a perfect day to walk down to the creek but I don't think that would be wise at all. I don't know. Where's the line between healing and muscle atrophy?
Wish I knew. Wish I knew a lot of things. For one, what to make for breakfast.
Hell's bells, all we've done in the past four days is eat and now it's time to eat again.
Happy Sunday, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think the team-gene missed me too. And religion just pisses me off more days than not. But with a son such as mine, I expect I'll be subjected to many sporting events in the not-too-distant future.
    I think I'm going to Target now, that is the only thing I have any enthusiasm for lately.

  2. i think you're right about the team/religion gene, great theory.
    glad your knee is feeling better.
    no walk yet is a good idea, just moving around the house/yard is plenty.
    this is my first day off since last Sunday and I'm happy happy, content.
    Happy Sunday to you too Ms Moon.

  3. Happy Sunday to you, too! I'm with you on the team/religion thing, although I think sports people might have their own religion, above and beyond the fervor of the conventional.

  4. Look at that beautiful blue sky..sigh.

    I'm missing that gene too and don't feel any worse off for it either. Happy Sunday to you Ms. Moon. Enjoy your cool nights.

  5. rachel- Oh dear on the sports thing. And Target always is okay.

    Bethany- Enjoy your day off, love!

    Lisa- We had oatmeal. Good for us. Fairly tasty.

    Elizabeth- Agreed. Around here that is definitely true. Football IS a religion.

    Mel's Way- That's what I say. Don't need 'em, don't miss 'em.

  6. I will accept that theory. I couldn't care less about team sports either.

    Happy eating!

  7. I am with you. I have no sports gene or religious gene either.

  8. I met Hubs at UF so I have to say being a Gator is a good thing for us. However there is not much of a "team" this year. And we and many others we know break the theory of football fan = traditional religion (unless you count the Church of the Quiet Sunday Morning a religion, but that is what we do).

  9. I HATE the Gators with a passion. Fuckers.

  10. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I don't care enough to hate them. You can hate them for me.


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