Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Almost Ever's Birthday. Let's Send Her Gifts.

This man and this woman are about to have a baby named Ever Elizabeth.
They have been wanting to have a baby together forever.
They have been raising three (or is it four?) children together almost forever.
They have been friends and lovers and husband and wife...forever.
And it is time to have this baby.
And we love Maggie May with hearts that overflow from the abundance of love she puts out into the universe with her words, with her warrior-heart, with her lover-heart, her mother-heart, her wife-heart, her WOMAN HEART. With her words she cuts our hearts into ribbons and then, with her words, sews them up again with painless, invisible stitches.

And we, the people who dip freely into the great shimmering pond of those words and who have come to love her, want to celebrate her and her family and the coming of this so-desired and beloved (already) child.
And because we live way too far apart to meet up for ginger ale and sherbet, cake and cookies, and to bring great bags of tissue-wrapped presents, some of us are hosting a cyber shower for this beautiful woman.
Maggie May. We love you with all our hearts and we offer our hearts to you and your family as this world shifts and rearranges itself to make room for this baby you are about to hold in your arms.

Ms. Petit Fleur has done the work of finding the codes to make the paypal donate button possible. You'll find that on the side, over there, right at the top. Maggie and her family will need some extra funds so that she can stay home for awhile with her newly born and if you'd like to help with that, please- do. Donate. That would be the very best gift you could give them.

And they are also registered at Baby's R Us Registryand their account can be accessed by name: Maggie Ethridge or Registry #: 46171571.

The hosts of this cyber shindig in honor of Maggie and their web sites (besides me, of course) are as follows.

Elizabeth---- The Moon Worn as if it had been a Shell Stephanie----Unsweet Mama

Go read what each of them has to say. You know them. We are, all of us, sisters together. You too. Unless you're a brother.

You know, here we are, this community of people who have found each other through our words and somehow, sometimes, we want to physically touch the people whose words we love because through those words, we have come to love the writers of them.

Let's do that. Let's change, if not THE world, then our world, a little bit, in a way that will show this amazing woman how cherished and loved she is.
She speaks the truth and my truth today is that she needs to feel and know that here we are. We love her.

And oh- even if you can't donate (and that is okay! I promise!) go to Maggie's place and leave your comments, your good wishes, your welcome to Ever Elizabeth. That may be the most important part of all.

Sending MY love to all of you and to the Currys.
If I had my way, we'd be sharing cake and ginger ale and sherbet.
But this will do.

Party on.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Fabulous! I like dipping into all the word ponds. Yours is always especially sparkly.


  2. How cool! How sweet you all are. I found Maggie through you, and you're right, she's amazing. I like what PF said, an especially sparkly word pond. Can feel the love for sure.

  3. Just saying her name. Ever Elizabeth..........brings peace over me. That little girl is going to be an amazing person.

  4. Ginger ale and cake sound swoon worthy right now, but your words are an absolute tonic. I am so lucky to have friends like this....thank you Mrs. Mary Moon, I love you!!!!!

  5. Yay! I'm glad to be part of this virtual baby shower train! Rock on Maggie, rock on Ms. Moon!! :)

    PS: I'd forgotten to include everyone's links, but just added them! Pip pip!! ;)

  6. Outstanding! We are part of a small, self-made bloggy world. I am delighted to find shared moments between all y'all I read so often.

    Thank you for the links to the corporeal reaching out. I'm going to go sniff around.

    Much love,


  7. This is such a beautiful thing, Ms. Moon. I did my part for dear Maggie. Thank you for facilitating that.

  8. I adore Maggie and can't wait to "meet" Miss Ever E. This is a sweet thing and I am all over it!


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