Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mighty Fine

Ah man. It's been a lovely day.
In the new-way of communications I got a facebook message from an old friend for Mr. Moon to check his cell phone for a message and Mr. Moon did and via that, I got a message from my friend Lisa-Lisa, Beautiful-Redheaded Lisa Whom We Adore, whose husband is the person who left the facebook message.
Got that?
Anyway, Lisa and her husband and two friends were on their way home from Tallahassee where they'd watched the football game and wanted to stop by and yes! yes! YES! I love Lisa and her husband and I know one of the friends and I love her too and the other friend was a joy to meet and it was so fabulous, having them here for a bit.
Lisa is the sort of friend whom I can get together with after years of not getting together with and all we have to do is hug and smell each other and that's it- we're back. We're there. We're right on the same page.
Dang, I love that girl.
So that was awesome and I gave everyone a bowl of turkey soup and then Ms. Fleur came over with Harley and I gave Harley some soup and we all caught up a bit and then they had to go but Lord, it was fine to see them when they were here. I met Lisa when Jessie was four years old and now Jessie can legally buy alcohol and Lisa has an almost-four-year-old and an almost-six-year-old, and babies- time flies.

After they left I studied some lines and hell, I've almost memorized like two whole pages! Only sixty-nine to go! No problem! Shee-it. What? Me worry? Get on wid your bad self.


So it's been a really good day.

And I went out to shut the chickens up and noticed that the sky was streaked like an agate and so I took some pictures.
It started out like the one at the top and then it went to these:

Is there a word for pink/orange/gold?
It gets better:

Had to get a shot of the mistletoe growing in the bare pecan branches:

And finally, it ended up in some crazy swirl of color.

The whole world looked drenched in gold. Damn. It was gorgeous. My pictures don't begin to give it justice.

And I came in and made Mr. Moon some oyster stew with the rest of the oysters and although it wasn't just like his mama made it, he said it did credit to the oysters. And he's off to a basketball game and I'm going to go put my leg up and ice the knee some more and tomorrow I get to go see Owen whom I miss with a deep-bone intensity.

Yeah. It's been a good day. I hope yours has been too.


  1. It was so fine to see the Lisa Lisa clan.

    Before I knew they were there, I thought to myself, DAMN Ms Moon sounds downright happy and perky. Then after you told me it made perfect sense. Goof friends are good medicine.

    xo The skies are lovely.

  2. Ah, that would be "good" friends. "good", not "goof"! Although, that also makes sense.

  3. Hot damn, that DOES sound like the most perfect day. Those pictures are AMAZiNG. I can't even imagine how gorgeous it looked in-person.

  4. What an incredible sunset! These winter days are filled with bright color.

  5. I'm still sighing over your beautiful sky, even though we had a warm 43 degrees today. Wish I could have seen it in person.

  6. Oh what a sweet thing it is to have such a friend as your Lisa. And that beautiful sky. I think the world exhaled yesterday. A lot of people felt more peaceful it seemed. Maybe it had something to do with millions of people consciously being thankful at the same time. Maybe we changed the vibrations just a bit. You are such a loving soul, Ms. Moon. I am glad to know you are out there.

  7. notjustafemme- It was other-worldly.

    Syd- No kidding. Amazing sunsets.

    Mel's Way- High of 43? That's not high in my book.

    Angella- Same here for me. I'm glad to know you're there.

  8. Your sky photos are dreamy. I'm glad you were able to soak it up and catch it on film. The colors never come out quite right though, do they? I tried to catch an amazing purple and pink cloud, all by itself against a blue sky, but the picture did not match the reality. The kids think I'm crazy, but I could be so much worse.
    I'm catching up on your posts while I was away, hope your knees are feeling better.
    I love your photo of the magnolia on the staircase. I miss that tree most of all from my childhood. The leaves last a very long time. I have to settle for a print of magnolia blossoms in my bathroom, sigh. The woodwork on your staircase is amazing, double sigh.
    Enjoy your Owen time today.

  9. can gifts just be
    skies that swirl,
    birds that just show up, no matter what..
    the scent of friends,
    sharing soup,
    chickens, children and time?


  10. Mel- I constantly wonder who built that staircase. I would love to know.
    There's such art and skill in it.

    rebecca- Yes, and yes, and YES!

  11. "the sky was streaked like an agate"

    i love that. and the photos, too...

  12. I love oysters!

    Your photos are gorgeous. Stunning. Like you.

  13. leslie- "Agate" was in the crossword that day. It reminded me.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Oysters are good. So are you.


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