Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time's Up

Going to bed. The sheets are clean.
I'll report in after I get back from Thomasville with the posse tomorrow.
Good night, all. Good night.


  1. ah clean sheets.... sleep deeply and peacefully.


  2. Why is it nothing compares to climbing into your big comfy bed with clean sheets?. Snuggle down under the duck and have sweet dreams.

  3. Wonderful writing today. Where would you ever have been expressing yourself without a blog??? I imagine you would have written several novels by now. I'd have bought the whole series!

    I live in the dark clouds of the Pacific Northwest and we exhaust ourselves during the long sunny summers that last until 10pm and then sleep it off through the winter months.

    and it is about layering our Old Navy cloths just right. We have to wear both the periwinkle and the moss green at the same time.

  4. why do clean sheets never lose their allure?? sweet dreams...


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