Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Owen And Pearl And Grandmother

This is how we eat yogurt at Grandmother's house.

Old Pearl. For Ms. Bastard-Beloved.

Trying to escape out the dog door.


  1. Oh, love these!!!! You and Owen, that one is GOLDEN. You're so stinkin cute you know I can't stand it. Owen too of course...

  2. making me smile... every last photo here.

  3. your legs look so pretty.

    if i were Owen, i'd be out that dog door every chance i had.

  4. He's just taking a dusting break, G'ma =o).
    Look's like you two are having fun getting ready for the parties. x0 N2

  5. Oh Ms. Moon, what a dear photo of you feeding that boy in your bibs and tanned skin! You make me want to grow out my hair : )

    Old Pearl reminds my of our Matilda Rae aka the blackbitch w/ the big ass. Our old lady dog has gotten so gray in her face.
    I hate that time.

    Your past post about Mr. Moon I really enjoyed.

    Hope you've been feeling well.

  6. He's getting so big. What a cutie!

  7. WOW. That photo of you and Owen is quintessentially joyful: he is surrounded by a halo of trust and confidence, and your own halo illuminates the heart of you, almost like an x-ray image of your spiritual center.

    And of course the photo of Pearl speaks to my own heart, surrounded as I am by rescued much-beloved Boxers, who...

    ...depend on the dog door more than we ever realized until we installed it.

    Love you, Ms. Moon.

  8. This makes me miss "my" babies.

  9. Great photos. Old Pearl is a sweet heart, I can tell. Good for Owen on planning an escape. Always good to have a back up plan to get out of situations, like if the yogurt was broccoli flavored or something like that.

  10. Bethany- Especially my teeth. Yes.

    Leslie- We had some fun times today.

    Maggie May- I can't turn my head on that boy for one second.

    N2- I know. He gets exhausted, doing all that dusting.

    Lisa- Thank-you. I am doing okay. I hope you are well, too.

    Rebecca- Isn't he?

    Angella- There are two dog doors. One big one and one small one. Owen prefers the large one.

    SJ- I bet it does.

    Syd- Ha! Good one!

  11. seriously,
    was it really that warm in your neighborhood today?

  12. Makes me want to grab you all and squeeze tight.

    And you are GORGEOUS!


  13. rebecca- Yes. And it is today, too.

    Michelle- Squeeze us up, Mama! We would love that!

  14. PEARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You knew I was going to type that.

    Thank you! I love you. Sneak Pearl some turkey for me. Tell her it's from HER BIGGEST FAN, SB, would ya?

  15. The cuteness of that first picture just about killed me.

  16. ah..ms moon..you are still a georgous girl..:-)

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  18. You have weather where you can still show skin outside. I see your glorious sunshine and it makes me want to move house.


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