Friday, December 31, 2010

Ah Shit

I am as sentimental as anyone on earth.

We're home tonight, Mr. Moon and I, and Judy came by to "mootch" a martini and I've talked to all my babies with the exception of May who is working her ass off, making people's New Year's celebrations filled with exceptional culinary delights and I've talked to Kathleen and to Billy too.

"I love you," I tell them, each and every one. "Happy New Year."

I just heard an owl hoot through the woods and maybe he, too, is saying the same thing. How would I know?

I'm poaching pears, I am roasting pecans, I am dressing arugula from the garden with olive oil, ginger, and sesame seeds.

I am thinking of all of you, dammit. Every damn one of you.

And tomorrow I will cook dirt food. Black-eyed peas and greens from the garden and cornbread. Will it bring us riches and joys and all that shit?
Who knows?
Not me.
But it's what I do.

Happy New Years.


Love...Ms. Moon


  1. peace to you and yours in the new year, ms moon.

  2. I'm soaking black-eyed peas as we type... We'll be having collard greens too... Happy New Year to you and yours Ms. Moon!

  3. Your night sounds wonderful!

    I'm eating chips and dips and drinking a Hot Toddy and snugged in my pajamas with one of my favorite people.

    I hope 2011 brings you and your family plenty of joy!


  4. I am alone.
    But not lonely. Which is saying a lot.
    I feel more connected to life than I ever though possible.
    I am worrying that my loved ones will all be safe tonight,
    but content to bask in the riches of gifts never dreamed.
    I will watch the sunrise tomorrow on possibility.

  5. I hope you have the most wonderful new year in 2011! And all of that food sounds amazing ... especially those poached pears!

  6. Yum, the salad sounds delish. Will be making split pea soup tomorrow from the Christmas ham.
    I'm looking at the Christmas tree one more night before everything gets put back in the attic tomorrow.
    I wish and yours a wonderful New Year.

  7. Happy New Year to you, from Boonie

  8. I'm pretty sure you are the full moon that lures me toward the gulf with every post of your greens from the garden and chickens and their eggs posts. Greens from the Garden in January! Wow!

    Happy New Year Ms Moon!

  9. happy new year ms moon...a happy one for all of us....

  10. The thought of you cooking such wonderful honest food brings great comfort to me on this first day of the new year. Thanks, Ms moon.

  11. Happy New Year, Mary. xx

    Oh no - now I want cornbread and I don't have any cornmeal!

  12. Came across your blog via Poum. Looked back a few. Very much enjoyed. I think I'll be adding you to the list. Love your matter-of-fact writing.

    Happy New Year :)

  13. adrienne- And to you and yours, my sweet woman friend.

    Dianne- Thank god for black-eyed peas! Happy New Years.

    notjustafemme- Sounds perfect!

    deb- And that is a poem of goodness.

    G- They were amazing.

    Michele R- Ring in the new. Put away the old.

    Boonie- Thank-you! And you too- have a wonderful New Years!

    Rebecca- And happy New Years to you. Greens are hardy things. I am grateful.

    Danielle- A prayer. A good one.

    Elisabeth- Thank YOU, sweet woman so far away and yet so close.

    Jo- Can't make cornbread without cornmeal and that's the truth! You need to keep some in the house. Happy New Year, dear!

    Perovskia- Hello and welcome! Come play with us anytime.

  14. Sounds good. We forgot the southern staples for the day. Poached pears sound delicious.

  15. happy new year from mr. mischief and mrs. miss alaineus!

  16. And a happy 2011 to you, Ms. Moon. A really really happy one.

  17. I was thinking of you, too. I hope you get the riches and joy.




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