Monday, December 13, 2010


It's cold outside. So cold I don't want to go out and find anything to take a picture of. What for? You've seen everything here with the light falling all sorts of ways. Chickens, dogs, garden, oaks, house.
Done and done and done.
So I stood in my hallway and took a picture of a plant trying to get outside.
Stupid plant. It would die out there.

I saw a bunch of mistletoe outside on the ground where it had fallen from a tree. Believe me, mistletoe lying on the ground is not that attractive with its sage-colored green leaves and white poisonous looking berries. I was outside to feed the cats and turn off all the faucets which we'd left dripping and let the chickens into the run. I have to go back eventually to let them out into the yard but I always give the cat time to eat her food before I do that or else the chickens will eat it for her.

Bah. I'm feeling bah this morning. And cold. I should put on another sweater.

Kathleen's going up to Thomasville today for more chemo. Owen's coming here later so Judy is taking Kathleen. This will be the first chemo I've missed. Kathleen hates the cold worse than I do and she has no spare flesh right now to protect her bones from getting cold and it's going to be colder when she gets out this afternoon than when she got there early this morning. Judy can take care of her and she's going to bring her here tonight and the guest bed sheets are all clean and ready. I have the things I need to make her pizza.
I hope Judy hangs out and has pizza with us.

Okay, okay.
I took the camera outside.
Here's the mistletoe. I hung it up so you could get the full glory of what mistletoe really looks like without the glitter and ribbons.

Does that make you want to kiss someone?
I didn't fucking think so.

Now here's something I haven't seen in awhile:

Three eggs in a nest! Bless those cold little hens. They've been laying, when they lay, in a nest Shalayla made on the ground but I suppose it was warmer up in the nesting box.
Well, that's a nice gift and I do appreciate it.
I don't know what the hell I did before I had chickens.

Or a grandson.

I'm pretty excited that he's coming out today. He'll point outside and say, "More!" meaning that he wants to go out. And I'll say, "Are you crazy, boy? It's freezing out there."
And he'll look at me like I'm crazy and and then he'll go climb something.
I hear that Owen is obsessed with his Bop-Bop now. He goes around his house and points at pictures of his grandfather and says, "Bop-Bop!" Does he point at pictures of me and say, "Grandmother!"? No. He does not.
I pointed to a picture of me the other day and said, "Who's that Owen?" and he looked at me like, "Uh. You."

I don't care. I'll hug him up and give him the tiny broom I bought him from the Lion's Club guy last week and he'll help me sweep. I'll change his diapers and feed him apples and yogurt. I'll show him all the pictures in his books. I'll laugh at him and we'll play and play and play.
Then his Bop-Bop will get here and he'll forget all about me.

Well. That's the way it goes.

Some days are cold and you just stay inside and enjoy the fact that someone invented central heat and feel blessed that you can afford it.

It's one of those days.
I hope that wherever you are you are able to get warm, to stay cozy. I hope that even if it's cold you can find some sort of treasure. An egg, a cup of coffee, a grandson's kiss, a window with the sun streaming in, giving light if not warmth.

And kisses. Don't forget kisses whether you have mistletoe or not. And pizza. Pizza is always good, home-made or not.
And that's all the wisdom I have to offer today. I apologize.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Cold! As I said the other day, "I could use a witch's tit as a heating pad in here."

  2. DTG- Good one! And a nice brass bra would feel really cozy about now.

  3. My Daddy always used to say "it's cold as a bear's tail outside" and I'm not sure what that meant, but I found myself saying it to my grandson when I was taking him to school this morning and he just thought that was the funniest thing. Stay warm!

  4. it feels like 10 below here. no one is in school except for the detroit district and it was so cold even the honda didnt want to run after driving for close to two hours on the almost trip to work (because you know i got the call to stay home when i was about 15 minutes from my classroom)....... stay warm and love on that grandbaby. on a side note, the mistletoe we get here has FAKE plastic berries on it.


  5. I think that's a lot of wisdom -- and that's saying something given that it's about eighty degrees outside today and you're the first blog I read each morning.

    I will send good thoughts Kathleen's way.

  6. Don't apologize. The wisdom you offered is plenty good enough.

    I am sitting here at work, typing this, with my winter coat on. This damn office is colder than a freezer. I am already tired of being cold. Yes, I know I'm a spoiled American. I can go home and jack the heat there. I shouldn't bitch.

  7. ...and we're in the flood season. schools close on account of water!

    I keep telling my son to go forth and breed but apparently he has his own plans.



  8. I had pizza for breakfast and even though it was a few days old, it really hit the spot.

    And when you reach the point of feeling cold, it doesn't matter what the thermometer says, it's all fucking cold. I'm also thankful for my warm home. Have fun with Owen today and if that boy needs a new floor to sweep, I've got hairballs in the shape of tumbling-tumbleweed.

  9. Lois- A bear's tail? Maybe if it's sticking out of the cave. That's funny. Your grandson is right.

    Mrs. A- That's so no one will eat the real ones and commit suicide in the holiday season of vast depression.

    Elizabeth- Thank-you, darling.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- We are spoiled Americans but hell- it ain't our fault! America spoiled us! Just like when parents bitch that their kids are spoiled. I'm like, "Well who spoiled 'em?"
    I like to think we could man-up if we had to. I like to THINK that.

    Radish King- You go from dreading that they'll get pregnant (or get someone else pregnant) to wishing they would. NOW!

    Mel's Way- Thanks for the offer. I have enough dust and dirt to keep him busy for quiet a while. Then we'll move on to polishing, which he also loves.

  10. DTG, I snorted out my coffee and forgot my own damn comment! You crack me up.

    Love to all youz across the fence and down town.
    xoxo m

  11. Never apologize. Love your bits and pieces. Wait, did that sound dirty?
    In anycase, so nice to come here from my little library desk after checking in stack after stack of books and find you talking to me, as if we are best buds.

  12. Mama: exactly!

    PF: heh heh, love back atchya.

  13. I left a good comment about remembering you're part of the furniture - solid and unmoving - but I think blogger ate it.

  14. As we say here, "cold as a witche's refrigerator."

    7 degrees out today, with wind chill below zero.

    Just cold.

  15. first storm to shovel out from under , and it's absolutely freezing.

    I'm making my poor neglected fifth child her decorated stocking instead of the plain red she gets each year with an apology . I made the other four years and years ago when I was a crafting queen.

    Enjoy Owen, sweeping, kissing, all of it. Simple pleasures are the best. When the opportunity for them is missing, that's the real empty I think.

    will be thinking of Kathleen.

  16. Why do you think you have to offer wisdom??

    Ach, I do too. So silly.

    Are you going to let those chickens sit on their eggs come spring and have more little chickies?

    I think there are people I would kiss under that mistletoe, indeed there are :)

  17. Ms. Fleur- Coffee sinus irrigation. Could be good for you.

    Bethany- What? We aren't best buds?!
    You are allowed to love all my bits and pieces in whatever way that means to you. Love you too.

    DTG- Bundle up, baby boy.

    Mwa- Overstuffed furniture?

    The Empress- I love those wind-chill and heat-index factors. MAKE US FEEL WORSE THAN WE ALREADY DO! Thanks for coming by, your lovely highness!

    deb- Owen was, well, perfect. He is my heart and we shared many kisses.

    Jo- Maybe. I don't know. Kathleen and I were talking about getting some more chicks. I don't know if any of my hens will brood. Spring will tell.
    Need me to send you some mistletoe?

  18. Got it covered. We had kisses, warmth, and home made pizza tonight. The mistletoe is hanging in the hall. Who needs that when we can kiss and cuddle and ....anytime we want. It's cold so body heat is a good thing.


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