Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Over The Place

Well, still reporting in from PC world. How do you PC people stand the constant warnings about unsafe transmissions? There is probably a way to eliminate those things but I don't know how to do it.

I wish I had something of great wit and charm to say today. I don't. Perhaps MY logic board has been fried. Martini's can do that. But you know, sometimes liquid must be applied. Kathleen came over and she had teeny-tiny ones and I had larger ones and I made a beautiful tray of sliced tomatoes and chopped arugula and mozzarella and there was bread and tapenade and if there is a more perfect combination, I suppose it would to include fresh basil, which I did not have.

We noshed and we drank and we cried and we laughed. We hugged and we held on to each other in all ways.
Mr. Moon and Jason were outside in the cold, cutting up a deer and wrapping it in white paper and labeling the cuts: tenderloin, backstrap, roast. You know, I never see so much as a drop of blood, much less a deer head. Mr. Moon is so aware and respectful of my sensibilities. That's the way he is, you know. He is a respectful person in all ways. With his customers, with his wife, his children, his grandson, his friends, even the deer he hunts. He is respectful.
When he and Jason came in the house, Kathleen told Mr. Moon that she is ready to buy a small, sporty convertible. Yes! But not red. She had originally thought she might want one with a trailer hitch on it but she is rethinking that idea.
She is rethinking some things but not really so much. Kathleen has always lived her dreams. She's that sort of woman and it's one of the reasons I love her so. She throws herself into her passions with the sort of vigor that astounds me. I've always heard that illness can bring out the real person and with Kathleen I just see more of who I've always known her to be, which to me says that she is as genuine as I thought. That's comforting.

Oh. It's odd. I can feel Mr. Moon wanting his computer back. He's not saying anything (he's respectful) but I can feel it. And that makes my thoughts get even less focused than they were before, which is about as unfocused as you can get.

I will be getting a new MacBook and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. They'll be able to transfer my old data from the MacBook I murdered and so all will be well. It may take some time but that's okay. The world does not need to hear my every thought.

And this post is a grand example of that!

All right. Let us get on with it.

Let us be as joyful as possible in this one life we have, let us be respectful, let us enjoy this day and be gentle with others as well as ourselves. Tender, too.

We all give off a certain light, each and every one of us. Consider that. There may be more stars than we thought but there is room enough for all of them, each one of them plays its place in the universe.

You too. I swear. Even me.


  1. I'm glad you're getting a new MacBook (are you sure you didn't just nudge that glass :-) ) and that your data can be transferred.

    You are a star, Ms. Moon. So true.

  2. Oh yes the world does too need to hear your every thought!

  3. glad you will get a new mac... A girl needs her mac I say. I got a new macbook pro yesterday, the ones with the new trackpad, and I am cursing like a devil because it's so different. But I will crack it, and so will you.
    We are interested in your thoughts or we would not come here post after post after post.
    I often wonder what I did before I had a computer...
    It's our window to the world!

  4. Hurray for new MacBooks and transferred data and Mr Moon :)

    the meat cuts taken out of a deer and wrapped bloodlessly in white paper is a strange image. Like something from a children's film, but morelike Coraline.

    I just saw Coraline to see if my daughter could watch it, and turns out it might be just what she needs!

  5. i love the last part about the stars!


  6. How fun that you get a new MacBook out of all of this. I'm a Pcer, and I don't get warning transmissions -- AVG Security software or something? Anyway, I'm happy that you had a good night and hope that you remembered to drink a martini for me.

  7. hola mi amor....
    so grateful you are a star in my sky!

  8. I had a bad day. I really needed to read that part about being gentle with ourselves and others. IT's so easy NOT TO...

  9. Yes to the new MacBook. I am sure that you will be happy with it. Anything Apple is good.

  10. Lovely post. Katherine sounds wonderfully full of life. We can all learn lessons from her, I know I have, and from you as well. And for that I thank you. Keep "teaching."

  11. Sorry to hear about the death of your Magic Book, but happy to read that it will rise again in a new form _with_ all your data recovered. Whew! Maybe you'll get one of those new silver thiner than thin ones I've been drooling over. One way or t'other, Keep Writing. We do love and need to read you. x0 N2

  12. Mwa- I swear. I did not nudge that glass. It was truly and really an accident. And YOU are a star, Mama-Mwa!

    lulumarie- Oh believe me- not EVERY thought. Love you, honey.

    Photocat- Yay! We are MacBook Pro sisters! I love the new trackpad. My fingers seem to find it beautifully.

    Elizabeth- Honey, I was all OVER that martini thing. For you and several others. Believe me.

    Jo- Well, my son-in-law is a butcher, you know, which comes in very handy. And I need to see that movie. It looks so charming.

    Mrs. A- I am glad. You are a star too. Believe me.

    Rebecca- Gracias, mi hermana.

    Sandra- And I wonder why that is. I hope things are better.

    Syd- Ecstatic!

    Dianne- She is my sensei. Without saying a word.

    N2- I didn't get one of the Mac Airs although they are lovely. And this one hardly weighs that much. It is a glory!

  13. This is a beautiful post. I can see your light from here. It's shining bright.


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