Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Got Bupkis Today But There Is A Picture Of Robert Duvall

For awhile there this morning it was like the Reds versus the Blues at my bird feeder. A flock of blue jays came in and darted to the feeder and fussed and fussed and then the cardinals came in and chased the jays away and every now and then a little red-headed bird would fly in and eat.
I have no idea what's going on in bird world. I never do. I tried to get a picture of the other birds but the cardinal was the only one I managed to get even a half-way decent shot of.

Wow. Okay.
Here it is what, nine days before Christmas? And what have I done today?

Talked on the phone, mostly. And bought an item online for a Christmas present.
And I'm doing laundry. When am I NOT doing laundry? Why is there so much laundry? There are only two of us living here! Jesus!
I will say that ONE of Mr. Moon's hunting outfits is one entire load of laundry. He is big. Not fat. At all. Just big.
Here's another question:
Why does he keep getting more and more handsome and good-looking while I am becoming less and less so by the moment? He is godlike. I, on the other hand, do not even have the good looks to qualify as a crone.
Perhaps I should start wearing make-up in real life.
And a bra.

It's not as cold today but it is bleak-looking outside. And windy. And raw. Just raw. The humidity must be about 80%. I have no desire whatsoever to go out there in it.
And I have nothing of importance to say, no wisdom to impart but here's my favorite quote that I've read recently. It's from Esquire and it comes from Robert Duvall:

When I finished Lonesome Dove, I said to myself, Now I can retire. I've done something. Let the English play Hamlet. I'll play Augustus McCrae.

For the entire (small) article, click on the picture.

And thus, I love Robert Duvall even more than I did before, which is seemingly impossible.

To think that I live in a time when Robert Duvall could act in a movie playing a character written by Larry McMurtry is one of the things that makes me happiest.

What makes you happy today?
And don't tell me it's Christmas, either.
Unless it is.
In which case I'll probably forgive you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Right now? Annie Lennox makes me happy.

  2. Um, let's see, what makes me happy right now? But someday that will change!

  3. The fact that we actually might hit 70 degrees tomorrow makes me happy!

  4. Stephanie- Annie is pretty awesome.

    Kori- Your optimistic spirit makes me happy.

    Lois- Same here!

  5. There is a chance I might get to meet an internet friend this summer, that makes me happy.

  6. The presents I am getting finished make me happy - no last minute for me this year!

  7. Annie Lennox makes me happy, too, Steph.

    So does the fact that there may be an Ab Fab reunion in the works. I love Absolutely Fabulous! Patsy Stone is my idol. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

    Robert Duvall is a doll. What a Boo Radley of a treasure that man is.

    I must admit that, at first, I thought you had named the bird in the photo, Robert Duvall. I was a might confused, as Bob would say.

    I love you, dear woman.

  8. Also, I am going with the Moms and Daddums to have chicken and BOOZE and broasted potatoes at the Legion tonight. That makes my ass VERY happy today.

  9. Makes me happy? Vacation. Planning trips (likely Paris for New Year's - for the coffee - and Ethiopia in February - again for the coffee - and maybe Morocco in April - maybe for the coffee? Look, I'm stuck with Nescafe here despite the fact that COFFEE GROWS HERE.) A big pile of books to relax with on vacation. That the boy who made me sick doesn't have typhoid and he isn't killing me (yet). And oh how I love electricity when it blesses me with its presence.

    Hate? Christmas in Africa. How did I forget how much I hate this shit?

  10. Beethoven and telling someone at My Glamorous Job that I was The Goat of Christmas Past then I laughed my ass of the the person I said that to didn't.


  11. I went to a kick ass meeting at noon on love and lust. I will likely blog on that tomorrow. Two of my favorite subjects.

  12. My wonderful new mittens are making me happy...they are homemade from an old wool sweater and one of a kind. It is a joy to have warm fingers for a change. Now I need to do something about my toes.

    P. S. Ms. are far from a crone and I bet Mr. Moon agrees. :)

  13. What makes me happy today is that Charlie is asleep in his bed.

    He woke up as I typed that, which made me laugh. Also good.

    Oh, and finally having time to read your blog.

  14. Jo- And would his name begin with a "D"?

    DTG- I can't wait to see what you've made!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Broasted potatoes alone would make me happy. I can see where your confusion on the picture thing came from. I did not make things very clear. Love you, dear.

    NOLA- I never considered the fact that there would even BE Christmas in Africa. This is how uninformed and stupid I am.
    Wish I could send you some coffee.

    Radish King- That person sucks. Obviously.

    Syd- Love and lust. Yes. Please. Do.

    Mel's Way- Oooh. Good idea on the mittens! And yes, I am a crone. Face it.

    Mwa- I feel so honored that you use your precious baby-asleep time to come here. I really do.


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