Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short And Sweet

Owen has been here for an hour and a half and has run his grandfather and me a merry chase. Right now the two of them are out feeding the chickens in the drizzle.
Saturday morning.

Boy. Am I going to need a nap today.


  1. He is full of energy. But you love it.

  2. I think I see a man in that there mooon... hey I know Syd, he's my friend, he leaves comments chez moi: how ja know him??????

  3. Syd- I do. You're right.

    Gledwood- I think we all know each other through my dear, beloved Sarcastic Bastard. She is the center of a universe.

  4. naps.

    fuckin' eggs, bacon.

    they are the bomb.



  5. I bet Owen is loving the drizzle. Kids and water/mud.....such a great combo!

  6. I get to babysit my grand-nieces one morning a week-- 2 1/2 years and six months. Both the cutest, smartest, most amazing girls in the world. And when I come home, I take a two hour nap. Unless it's a three hour nap.

  7. I need a nap and all I did was go to the store! Thank you for reminding me what it's all really about.

  8. Tearful- Today we did not have eggs and bacon. I will remedy that problem tomorrow. As to the rest? Covered. Oh yes.

    Rebecca- He didn't get to play outside too much but he enjoyed the time he did.

    Kathleen Scott- I swear- it takes me a day to recover from eight hours with that boy and by then, I'm desperate for more.

    Radish King- There is never a day, no matter what I do or don't, in which I don't at least yearn for a nap. Sleep is my favorite drug.


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