Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow? Yes. Ending? No.

I knew it was cold this morning. I knew it. I think I may even have mentioned it. I may have even mentioned the possibility of sleet.
It did not sleet. No, it did not.

Instead, it snowed.

Okay, okay, you people who live up north in the frozen waste-lands would laugh your asses off at what we call snow but when white frozen things fall from the sky, we call it snow.
And when it snows and the wind whips the tree tops into a frenzy and the sky is pewter, we call it too fucking cold.
And that is what I spent my entire day in- the outdoors where it was snowing, off and on, and blowing, and COLD!
Oh my Lord, it was cold.

But I had so much fun.

I at least had the good sense to wear leggings and socks under my dress. And take my magical and warm Kathleen-knitted-Cozumel-colored shawl which, when I was not being filmed, I was wrapped in and which Lanny, when he was not being filmed, also wrapped up in a time or two.
"This is really soft," he said.
It is. Really, really soft.

It got to the point where it was so cold it was funny.
"And...freeze," Freddy would say and we'd all crack up.

"When does that thing kick in where you start to feel really warm and just want to sit down and fall asleep and die?" I asked.
"That sounds like one of my films," Freddy said. "Just wait until the premiere night."

Okay. Maybe you had to be there.
All I can say is- thank god we weren't filming a skin flick out there in the woods.
No way that would have worked.

Anyway, it was just what a grandmother who has spent the last few weeks panicking over Christmas needed. Christmas was barely mentioned and I did not have to spend one second worrying over chicken salad or wrapping paper or things to go in the stockings.
Nope. All I had to worry about was whether or not my toes would fall off and how to look angry.

I got to scream at the top of my lungs. Three times. It's been so long since I've screamed I wasn't even sure I could. Turns out I can, although now I hardly have a voice.

Who cares? We don't have Steel Magnolia rehearsals for a week. Surely I'll be completely recovered by then.

And perhaps warmed up to a normal body temperature, too, although it's supposed to get even colder.
The porch plants are covered and the chickens are shut in for the night and I took a very hot bath and I have brown rice simmering and I've had a piece of fruit cake.

And Christmas is over (well, except for that fruit cake) and it was such a good one.
I realized today that this Christmas day was the first one in forever that I didn't fall into a I-want-to-die depression in the afternoon.
Not even close.
You have no idea how amazing that is.

Can it be that progress can be made, even for an old grandmother?

Hell, if it can snow in Florida. I guess anything is possible.
Or just about, at least.

For the life of me I can't come up with an ending for this post, a neat tying-up of it all.
And maybe that's all right. Leave it open for more stuff to be added later.
Or not.

This ain't no sitcom.
And that's as good an ending as any and will just have to do.


  1. It's cold here too, Ms Moon, cold in Melbourne Australia in summer, though nothing like snow.

    Having fun helps to ward off the cold and this filming sounds like fun, however much it must also be hard work.

  2. Funny, I called to make sure you knew it was snowing. (I had to tell someone!)Turns out you were already out in it freezing your poor tushy off!

    You must really love this man.

    I can't wait to see the movie.

  3. I'm so glad that you're feeling all right, especially this day after christmas day. Evidently, as I learned on a comment over at radish king, this day is the ultimate for depression, and sadly, rebecca has it.

    Stay up and wrapped in that shawl, Mary.

  4. It snowed here as well. And it has been bitter cold for me. I am glad to be inside and not out too much today.

  5. You got snow! That doesn't usually happen, right? Ah, it's the Snowpocalypse indeed.

    But fun, for now at least :)

    That sounds like a good day, it made lovely reading. I'm jealous of your Kathleen shawl, but my brother and his lovely girlfriend brought me back a gorgeous pshmina from Morocco that I'm wearing right now - so - happy!

  6. We've hardly had any snow at all here.

    Happy holiday from Boonie

  7. Elisabeth- Cold in Melbourne, too? It must be cold everywhere. I wish I could say that this filming is work but it's mostly just pure fun and joy.

    Ms. Fleur- Freddy is fun. And I guess I must love him, huh?

    Elizabeth- That's why I said that filming was the perfect thing for me yesterday. I wish everyone could do it. I am so lucky to have this opportunity.

    Syd- And it's so sunny here! Crazy.

    Jo- Haha! The snowpocolypse! Exactly! No. It hardly ever, ever snows here. It is of huge interest when it does. Enjoy your pashima. Isn't it lovely to wrap up in softness?

    Boonie- Well, this was hardly any either. But it was in the newspaper!

  8. I read this then ate a wonderful FL grown orange A had shipped up. I suppose the cold weather will ruin much of the crop.

    Maybe we are living in a parallel universe-you got snow and here later this week it is supposed to warm up to 40 degrees and rain. I dread that more than the snow. Rain=ice. That's the worst!!!

  9. Yes! I say hurray to the not wanting to die of depression. I had that too this year, and when I told Babes he said that it was one of his worst christmases ever because the tradition wasn't followed. Ah - so that's why I thought it was okay. That will be fine for me then.

  10. Mel's Way- Keep eating those oranges! And stay off the roads as much as you can.

    Mwa- Well. We do what we can, we feel what we must.


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