Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Been So Exciting I'm About To Pass Out

It has been such a long, fine day. Owen was here from one until eight and Mr. Moon and I are both dropping from fatigue.
I hope we can make it until ten to actually fall in bed.

If I listed everything that Owen and I did today, you, too, would pass out from fatigue. The child never stops. He can now climb the bar stool chairs in the kitchen. All by himself. This adds yet another level of peril to our adventures. I go into the laundry room to switch out the washer and dryer and he's on top of the kitchen island. Oh Lord.
But he's such a great little man. He carries things for me and he can open doors when he's on my hip and he can feed the goats leaves through the wire fence and he can FEED THE CHICKENS THEIR SCRATCH and I almost melted with pride when he reached into the can of corn and threw it for the hens and Elvis. THE BOY CAN FEED THE CHICKENS!
He can also carry things to his Bop and he can say, "Pearl," although it comes out more like, "Bewl," but that's close enough.
He got so tired but he never got cranky. He went directly into hysterical-laughter phase and we must have played, "Where's Owen?" for at least three hours today, although not all in a row. He got to the point where when I'd "find" him, he'd break down in giggles. This game is never-ending fun. As in, the fun never ends when we play it.
Over and over and OVER again.
We watched Melmo on the computer. We ate yogurt and shared it with Bop. He brought me the toilet bowl cleaner. (Another Oh Lord! moment.) He swept, he dusted, he cleaned with a rag. We played going night-night. We put a sheet over a card table and played tent with a flashlight. We went for a walk.
And so on and so on and so on.
I think the boy will sleep good tonight and I hope so because I know his mama is tired.

Bop got out the Big Boy four-wheeler to take Owen for a ride.
Owen did not like that. Not one bit. Here's a picture of him sitting in front of Bop when the engine started up.

It got worse. Luckily, Bop is an understanding grandfather and after one short ride, he stopped and let the boy come to me. He wasn't crying, he just wasn't enjoying it.
Smart boy.

And I discovered where my hens have been laying today and I feel like a moron.
For awhile last summer the hens were laying in a nest outside of the hen house and for the past several months they have not touched the nest as far as I could see and so I quit checking it. Today, for no reason, I did and this is what I found:

I laughed so hard. Those sly birds!
I brought them all in and washed them off (the eggs, not the chickens) and all but one passed the float test. I think I have about six dozen eggs in my refrigerator now.

And the very best news- two of my oldest and dearest friends became the grandparents of a baby girl tonight. They have a grandson but this is the first granddaughter and she was born at a birth center and it would appear that all went perfectly and from pictures and report, she is a pure rosebud of a love of a girl.
A granddaughter! There was a picture of the grandmother holding that new baby and I have never seen her look so beautiful and so radiant. Seriously.

Well, that's the report here from Lloyd and tomorrow is New Year's Eve and oh boy on that one. Shall the Moons step out and join the glittery masses of humanity or shall they stay here and fall asleep before midnight? We have not decided yet and probably won't until late tomorrow afternoon, at least.

Stay tuned.

And don't expect any of those end-of-the-year wrap-ups here 'cause I'm so damn old that one year just blends into another and you go to bed and you wake up and forty years have passed and then you do it again.

Night, y'all. I'm falling asleep.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Every time I see the eggs your chickens produced I want a chicken of my own. Actually two because I don't want my hen to get lonely. Kevin won't approve of it. But I really REALLY want chickens....and their eggs.

  2. The eggs are gorgeous -- are they faintly blue-hued?

    As for New Year's -- well, thank goodness I won't find any wrap it ups over here, then. I just don't FEEL like all that wrapping it up.

  3. I'm not into end-of-year-wrap-ups either, just a loud happy new year.

    We're only four hours from the clock's tick of midnight here in my part of Australia.

    You have more time to go but soon we all can say goodbye to the festive season and life can go on as ever.

    Cheers to you Ms Moon - busiest grandmother on the planet.

  4. Yup. No wrap ups from me either. I will be In, alone, though if I'm lucky I might get a computer visit from a beautiful man, and that will see in the new year for me fine.

    I want your eggs too, I so do. Not so keen on the hen care idea, I admit. Maybe in 25 years :)

  5. It is amazing to watch how quickly these little guys develop, YAY for Feeding the chickens!! I know I will be so excited to have some help with chickens... Speaking of which - what do you do with all of those eggs? Our chickens are laying so many I don't really know what to do with them all!

  6. Those busy kinds of days with little ones are the best. Owen is just about my favorite age for my kids, I just loved how curious and kind and easily amused they were at that age. Little sponges, soaking everything in, and so full of hugs and cuddles. Oh my. You're going to be tired a few years!
    We have zero plans tonight too, altough I plan to watch Bette Midler on cable tonight. I was feeling a little sorry for myself for not making plans, but I'm still on the mend so it's just as well. No end of year lists for me either, no resolutions any different from any other year. Just glad to be here.
    Enjoy your new year's eve, no matter which way you go. Both options have their allure :)

  7. Rebecca- Yep. You need at LEAST two. Chickens are flocking birds.

    Elizabeth- I'll wrap it up when I'm dead. And the eggs are green. Different shades.

    Elisabeth- Happy New Year's to you! Much love from here to there.

    Jo- Not much hen care involved, really. You'd be surprised. I hope your New Year's wish is fulfilled, my dear.

    Amber Elise- When things get crazy in the egg department, I give 'em away.

    Mel- You just reminded me of how much I love the word, "allure."
    Have a lovely New Years and finish up getting well!

  8. I am so glad my next door neighbors have chickens because they truly entertain my cats and me and I don't have to clean up after them and I get eggs all the time. HA! And Owen is a marvel. Truly.

  9. Precious photo of Owen. He looks wide eyed with fear/wonder.

  10. It's great isn't it, the way every baby learns (some faster okay) and every time it seems like they just invented colour TV or modern medicine. He rolled over! He's a genius! I experience this every day. And it is one of the greatest joys I never expected.

  11. Mwa- I know. It must be part of our genetic make-up so that we are thrilled and encourage each new step so that the next one will then be made. Evening knowing that, it is incredibly exciting.


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