Friday, December 17, 2010

It's True Love

I told you that Owen thinks Bop is god. I offer these pictures as proof.
I had Owen for a long time by myself this morning and it was good. We did get a walk and we picked up sticks and I gave him a ride in the wheelbarrow and we fed the chickens and we just played and played. Anything can entertain that boy. He's very much into rearranging things these days. He places this pot here, that seashell there, according to some inner balance he feels, I suppose. I don't know. His Aunt Jessie used to do the same when she was a baby.

Anyway, when Bop got home I was so tired I thought I might pass out. I did not sleep well last night. And Bop gathered the boy up and told me to go take a nap but before I did, I took those two pictures above. Do you see the mutual delight?

But then, when I woke up and got up, I walked through the guest room to find this:

And I thought I'd die.

Yes. It's been a good day.
And that boy will be back at six a.m. so it's going to be an early night tonight.
It is raining and there are martinis and I think that will be a very good thing.

My heart needs rest from all the breaking it did today. Over and over and over again.


  1. Those eyes just say it all, don't they?

  2. You have such a knack for seeing and sharing the holy in everyday life. You bless our hearts. Thank you for the nap picture. Now I'm humming Sle-ep in hea-venly peace. Precious.

  3. Oh, it doesn't get more perfect than that last picture. My heart is full. Thank you. Hugs, Mel

  4. Little boys and their granddads. I see the same look between my husband and our grandson, that same adoration the young one for the old. As every one commenting here agrees, you have captured the special quality of loving relationships, Ms Moon that is inspirational. Thanks.

  5. that last picture says everything. owen and bop are lucky boys.

  6. Great photos. Lovely post. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  7. The pictures are awesome but that last one is just absolutely priceless. And the name Bop is big around our house too as that is what Kyle calls his sippy cup. Have a good weekend.

  8. What a great relationship between Owen and his grandfather. That will only grow more and more. Hope that you get some good rest.

  9. Oh my goodness! Those pictures speak many many words of love. Beautiful!

  10. That grandbaby of yours is a complete ANGEL! :)

  11. On that "yo y'all I'm a grandmother" you spelled "babysitter" wrong!!

  12. Sorry I couldn't resist. + I don't even know you. I came here via a friend of a friend's...

    (He wears a silk taffeta dress, she has been in the Carribbean 12 years...)

  13. Oh, what a sweet, beautiful breaking of the heart it is. That last photo did it for me ~ WOW!

  14. Hi Ms Moon you're a sneaky one. I so wondered how you fit your nefariousness between grandchildren et al... No I'm just kidding. Thank you so much for replying. A lot of people don't want to once they realize what I WAS about (not any more, even though that's recent). I'm fully into Cleaning Up My Act Now. You're welcome to come bzck any time. You shouldn't get endless stories of my... doing what I used to do... honestly. If I ever did, then I'd say it. Otherwise it's onwards and upwards for me!!

    Wishing you a tolerable Xmas (just being pragmatic here) and a superior 2011 ;->...

  15. *sigh.... these pictures just completely did me in..

  16. Stephanie- Adoration.

    Juicie- It is pretty darn holy when that boy finally gives in to sleep. Thanks for your sweet words.

    Mel- Sweetest thing I ever saw.

    deb- Thanks, honey.

    Elisabeth- Isn't it a beautiful thing, that love?

    Angella- They know it too.

    Boonie- And the best to you, too!

    Mr. Shife- Really? I think Owen just calls his sippie cup "milk." I'm glad you came by.

    A- And light.

    Lora- I see the same when I look at pictures of your kids and their grandfather.

    Nicol- He really is. Mostly.

    Gledwood- You're right! No. I don't think you can "babysit" your grandchild. You just "have" him. I'm so glad you visited! Come back often.

    Jo- Thanks, sweetie.

    lulumarie- It's a keeper.

  17. And this. Oh this is what it's all about. This makes me believe in Christmas again.


  18. Hi again, I'm delayed 24 hours with my flight for holidays in Denmark, but it is so fortunate that I'm stucked in the city, Oslo, where my grandchild is living so I have been with him for 4 hours ! yes, it is really heart breaking ! so fantastic ! it makes an unpleasant delay due to weather a pleasure !

  19. oh my,,, I am in love with Owen in that second picture! What an expression! I could look at it forever :)

  20. Such love in the little O-boy's eyes, and Bop's, too. You are a lucky woman! x0 N2

  21. Gledwood- Who am I to judge? Humans do get themselves into various situations and I like getting postcards from the various paths. All I can say is that I wish for you to be happy and so- whatever that means. I hope that happens, I do, and I wish you the best holiday season possible as well!

    Tiffany- They are engraved on my heart.

    Radish King- They make me believe in goodness. And that is enough.

    Niels- I hope the weather has allowed you to fly safely but I am glad you got to spend time with your grandchild.

    Michelle- And I am the lucky woman who gets to see it so often. That boy...

    N2- Yes. I am.

    rebecca- That's what I keep saying.


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