Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ah, Ms. Moon. Just Shut Up.

We've had a few light frosts this winter already. They bit my beans and tomatoes with little deathly nibbles that left the leaves brown and done but tonight it's going to get down in the twenties. Maybe.
I have a feeling that those red and white impatiens in the silly cement swan will be gone forever.
Ah well. Although we live in Florida, it's north Florida, and Georgia is only a few miles up the road. We are not Miami or the Keys with their palms or even central Florida with its hibiscus which can grow taller than the roof of the house.
We are north Florida where giant live oaks grow and azaleas and we have our seasons.

I do not feel wordy today so here are two more pictures:

The light in the Spanish moss.

Part of my back yard.

I had thought to go to town today. I am rethinking that plan. I would rather stay here, do yoga, ride the exercycle which I have borrowed from Kathleen to strengthen the muscles in my knee, and try to get over the dream I had where someone (who was it?) told me my ass was fat.

Good morning.


  1. good morning,
    and thank you .
    lament and love always, yes.

  2. Love your pictures. The swan is divine. I hope your impatiens didn't die. I'm watching snow blow outside today and it is so cold I don't want to even think about all the things I have to do out in the world. Thanks for sharing your light filled world with us today. Hope that knee starts feeling better soon and nobody else tells you you're fat in your sleep!

  3. all that light....
    i would stay home too...if only i could today.

  4. It is going to get cold here as well. Some plants will go to the green house today. I am fighting a rhino virus and feel not so great. But Good morning!

  5. deb- It sounds like the motto of my life.

    Mel- How do you stand it? The cold and snow? I would die.

    rebecca- I'm lucky. So lucky.

    Syd- Sounds like YOU need the curried vegetables. Take it easy and get better. And oh- how I wish I had a greenhouse.

  6. I'm not fun of the cold and snow(as nice as the snow looks) but it makes me appreciate the other seasons even more.

  7. I'm fairly sure you are the only one telling you your ass is fat.

  8. I wonder if Lily's spider is still alive.

  9. It wasn't me! Your ass is asstastic :)

  10. Mr. Mischief- Yes. I am already looking forward to spring. How silly is that?

    Stephanie- Out loud, anyway.

    DTG- She was on Monday.

    Jo- Ha! Where are you? Did you make your flight?

  11. Ms Moon, you have a very beautiful back yard, that light is just lovely pouring through the trees. And please don't ever shut up. I love your words. And that person in your dream was you, hon, (maybe wearing someone else's face, i don't know) and you need to be kinder to yourself because you are so very beautiful and that includes your ass! Peace, friend.

  12. So what? My ass is fat, too. We are in good company together.

    Love your photos and your ass, fat or not.

  13. Angella- You are so sweet. Thank-you. I have an almost completely flat ass. It is the result of Northern European inbreeding, no doubt. I haven't even looked at it myself in years. But I do have a beautiful back yard and I look at it all the time.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love your ass, too. I do.

  14. It's rainy and windy here. Anything is better than frost.

    I love your "fat" ass.


  15. good morning and good afternoon, too. we will have forties, i think, and the impatiens will be safe, but i love north florida, and live oaks, and a taste of the seasons... and the someone in your dream is just plain crazy.

  16. Michelle- I love your skinny ass.

    Leslie- Forties are better than twenties. I can live with forties.

  17. your backyard is my exact idea of perfect backyards.

  18. But you don't normally stay in the 20's and below for the months of January and in does. It sucks!

  19. Yes, Ms. Moon -- join us for a Virgin a Day. And then post something on my place for Share the Joy Thursday. It's only three weeks old, just a baby. But I think we all need a little joy these days.

  20. Please start referring to your ass as "my beautiful back yard".

  21. Maggie May- Well, when we finish the little fish pond and put up a swing, it will be practically perfect in all ways.

    Meri- I will think about that. Thank-you kindly for inviting me!

    controlling- Hahaha! I just might!

  22. If you figure out who that person is, I will bitch slap them! Fat ass, my ass! tee hee.

    Hope your day was good. Thanks for talking to me. I felt better just hearing your voice. I have been having mini anxiety attacks for the last few days. sigh.

    So happy you are up and about and feeling more like your self.
    xo pf

  23. Maybe you were dreaming about my Ass Family Tree -- I do believe there were two Asses on that tree that pertained to The Ass itself -- Lard Ass and Fat Ass. All ugly and surely not yourself.


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