Monday, December 13, 2010

Pretty Sure

This sign is on a post on the corner near me.
Every time I pass it, I think- I have got to get a picture of that.
Today I did.
And let me just say that despite the fact that my most over-used phrase is "I don't know shit," I am pretty darn sure that in this case, I do.


  1. I'm definitely sure and I won't be calling that number!

  2. Did you see the bumper sticks that said, "Agnostics against Bush: Because there are a few things we know for sure."?

  3. Ha!
    And Ha! about what downtown guy said too!

  4. Scary sign and scarier still to think that sometimes they work.

  5. pretty darn sure, you said. i am too!

    and you know plenty shit, Ms. Moon. I learn from you.


  6. How come they get an Elephant? They don't get to have the elephant!

  7. When I see things like this, I have to contain my deviant impulse for black spary paint in the dead of night.

  8. Lois- Can you believe that shit?

    DTG- No but that is GREAT!

    Mwa- Even you know better than that. And you don't even live here!

    Elisabeth- What can I say?

    Angella- And I learn from you.

    Lisa- I know.

    Jo- We get the donkey. Hee-haw.

    Elizabeth- This ain't LA.

    Kathleen Scott- Hell, it would be easy to tear it down. I should.

  9. I would have to do something subversive with that if it were near me.

  10. *Burying face in my hands*

    That sign is unreal. Although I know them all too well.

  11. 100% sure I'm not a Republican, but I think I'll take a shower just in case I may have brushed against a Repubican and have any Republican DNA on me. Or maybe I should install an airlock at the door, so any Republican-ness doesn't even come into my house. Either that or hire an exorcist...

  12. Jesus. That's all I have to say about that.

    Love you!

  13. Syd- I'm ripping the sucker down soon. It's been up long enough for those poor citizens who might not be sure they're not Republicans to get the number.

    SJ- I think it's pretty funny.

    Lucy- ARE YOU SURE????

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Love you, too!

  14. I'm surprised you haven't ripped it off yet!


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