Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Three days before Christmas. Is that right?
Okay. Here's one thing I like about Christmas- sometimes people get together.
Last night after rehearsal at the Opera House, Jan whipped up eggnog and we all sat around and talked for a bit and although we see each other three times a week, it was just nice.
And then I came home and went next door to Ms. Fleur's house for a solstice party and there was a couple there whom I've known for a very long time, whose wedding in fact, I officiated at and I haven't seen them in forever.
And it was GOOD.
It was one of those remeetings where your heart opens because it's been keeping someone close in it and it gives a sigh...oh.
Just that.
Oh. Here you are again. Well. Yes. I still love you.

And we drank a toast to the man's daddy whose birthday it would have been if he hadn't died and we all cried a little and hugged and we talked about the people who have gone on whom we've loved and we talked about chickens and ducks and dogs and the longest night of the year ended up being way too short.

That's what I like about Christmas. Or, in this case, the solstice.

And now I'm off for a fine, full day of filming and of taking care of my grandson and then tomorrow will be the day I wrap and bring in magnolia leaves and make chicken salad and then it will be Christmas Eve and all of my babies will be here and such sweetness.
Such sweetness.

I'm too overwhelmed by it all right now to be bitter or angry or resentful or sad.
I am just grateful for the ones in my life that I can get my arms around, the ones far away that I may not be able to, but that mean much to me nonetheless.

And on we go. I hope there is candlelight and love for you, moments of that love and of heart-opening.

And fruitcake, if you so choose.


  1. There will be a lot of those things like love, candlelight, dishes, cooking, talking, hugging, laughter, and gifting. It will all come together somehow, some way. Every day is special.

  2. Well of course that's what it's meant to be about. You have had bad luck in your life, but you've made such good out of it with your family and friends, it might even make some people wistful...

    Enjoy it. You deserve to. Why give space to bad feeling and bitterness and resentment? Won't do no good thing for you, I can't imagine.

  3. "I hope there is candlelight and love for you, moments of that love and of heart-opening."

    And to you. Enjoy your babies...

  4. So happy you came. I wasn't sure how up for a gathering you would be after rehearsal and a full day.

    Will be skipping the fruitcake part.
    xoxo m

  5. i love you eternal...
    (and no i am not ready..., not even close!)

  6. I do choose to be a fruitcake, thank you. And merry winterfeast to you as well. The other side is near! Not long now. (Of christmas I mean.)

  7. So lovely, like a quiet prayer. I am bookmarking you to visit when I can stay for a long cup of tea and a chat. Yes, and dialogue. Blessings to you and yours. So happy to have met you.

  8. Yes. And the sun just came out after a week of incessant rain. What more could one ask for?

  9. ah sweet.
    i think i need a ms moon hug today.

  10. Glad you're enjoying some of the holiday and having less worry and stress! You're going to have a wonderful next couple of days.

  11. Wishing you all that you wish us an more. And I love fruitcake. Just saying.


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