Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping. I bought myself a present. It's a green velvet scrunchie with bells sewn on it.
It was in a pet store.
Because it's really a dog collar. For the holidays.
After I bought it, I told the guy behind that counter that he had just doubled my Christmas wardrobe.
It cost $5.99 which is sort of a rip-off, but it is velvet.

That and lunch with Kathleen and Judy were the best things that happened to me today.



  1. It's still early here. I may have to get back to you later.

    OH! My husband is cooking dinner. :)

  2. Come by and check out the stuff I did. I wrote about being a man slave just for you.

  3. I got a TON of work done today. Amazing huh? And to think they pay me to do that everyday ;)

  4. my darling,
    i have been hog tied all day to an I.V. , which planted into the surface of my hand has allowed me to read in the kingdom of blog, but, sadly, not type.
    finally the 6 hour drip is complete. now i must continue to sit 2 more hours for observation. just in case....i will spare you those details.
    but hey girl i am free to type now!
    i would say a green velvet scrunchie beats the hell out of my day, hands down!


  5. Stephanie- That is good!

    Syd- I love the man slave post.
    I used to have a neighbor who said, "I do love a man with a chain saw." A man who can help with cookies is a good thing to have around too. And I have a feeling you do have a chain saw.

    SJ- Hey! It all balances out. Right?

    rebecca- I would agree to that with all of my heart. Oh dear. Bless you, baby. I would kiss your hand if I were there and then hold it very gently in mine.

  6. I'm about to go off shopping for food fr one of our family Christmas dinner's tonight. Christmas comes in waves. I wish I too could find such a scrunchy.

  7. I changed my sheets after about two weeks --

  8. If I could get one of those little puppy Christmas sweaters to fit me, I would totally do my holiday outfit shopping at the pet store.


  9. oh gosh, that made me laugh, the pet collar scrunchie, perfect!
    the best thing that happened to me today was after work I made a soup and it looked so pretty and tasted delicious. White bean and kale. I thought of you as I put all the pretty veggies in the big pot.
    i don't make soup. i make sandwiches.
    you inspire me every day.

  10. The best thing that happened to me was our work X-mas party. They fed us BBQ, but there was no booze, and they played stupid child-like games.

  11. I think we need to have a picture of that scrunchie. Really badly.


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