Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Past, My Present, My Heart

Back in another lifetime entirely when I was a single mama of two (Hank and May) I went to nursing school. I thought I would end up a midwife.

Well, I didn't, but those years of being in school turned out to be some of the best of my life. And one of the main reasons was because of the girls I went to school with. The one that caught my heart and that I fell in love with the hardest was the youngest girl in the class, even though I was one of the oldest ones in the class.

And now she's started a blog and I hope she keeps it up.

Tonight she wrote about those years, that other lifetime, a little bit, and how she has met Jessie and Vergil and how they are coming to her house tonight in the mountains of Colorado to have dinner with her family.


It made me cry, reading what Terry wrote.

As I wrote in the comments, I have always said that there is a place in my heart where there is room for no one but her.
Always will be.

And tonight Jessie is at her house, eating supper.

Life is funny, the circles that we make.
And enough to make you cry.

You can read Terry's words here if you want.
I think she's a terrific writer and I can hear her voice, her Brooklyn voice, as I read her blog. It makes my heart so happy.

Yeah. Terry. Terry Joy was her pre-married name.
It suited her then, it suits her now.

And in my heart, she will always be a joy.


  1. This is so lovely, and she is so lucky to be loved by you Mrs Mary Moon <3

  2. Maggie May- And I am so lucky to be loved by her. I am not sure I've ever met a bigger hearted woman in my life.

  3. I love becoming real friends with my parents friends. I love those links between my childhood and my today. And I'm so, so grateful that there is so much love in my world, and people willing to extend kindness.

  4. Nice to reconnect and have your children meet your old friend. The world contracts and expands.

  5. It's too early in the morning for me to form words but something about this squeezed my heart.

    Going to Colorado now.


  6. Nancy C- Well, love just feels good.

    Syd- Constantly.

    Michelle- Some day you will experience something very similar and it will be good.

  7. I love it when life finds a way to circle back and remind us where we came from. It's good to remember that historical DNA.

  8. I loved this, your writing and hers, and the sharing of it with us. How wonderful and sweet. And of course Jessie makes it all come together so perfectly.


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