Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Tidbits From A Cold And Sunny Place

Fuck a damn duck, it's colder than shit.

Okay, okay. I just wanted to say that but no! Really! It is!

So all right. The sky looks like this:

I know! Beautiful, right? No clouds anywhere. No snow, no blizzards, no slush or nasty sleet. Just beautiful blue skies and...ice.

I think maybe I didn't turn that sprinkler on quite enough last night. Like, oh, maybe it's frozen into a tiny popsicle of a...mushroom?
Please forgive me, Mr. Moon. I did my best last night, standing out there in the cold, trying to get the faucets to drip just the right amount.
Oh Lord.

Who knew that collard greens and arugula could freeze?

Not me. I do now.

Well, the chickens made it.

Daffodil and Mable have found the one bowl of not-frozen water in the yard. I feel like I should make them some nice hot chocolate. Or warm corn-tea. Or something.
A pan of grits! That's what they'd like. Maybe I just will.

Mr. Moon called me from Orlando which is in central Florida and he says he can't get warm down there. I bet they fired the groves last night. That was always a big deal when I lived in Winter Haven. They used smudge pots to keep the citrus from freezing and all the boys would be absent from school the day after a freeze. They were somehow allowed to go out and stand around fires and light smudge pots and there were even rumors of strong drink to keep them going through the night and I was so jealous of their adventures, those boys.
The only good thing that girls got when it froze was permission to wear pants to school if the temperature got below a certain number. I don't remember what it was. Maybe fifty.
Pants! We weren't allowed to wear pants in public high school! But bras were REQUIRED!
Yeah. I grew up in the dark ages.

Anyway, it's cozy in the house. My love, Kathleen has already gone home. She and Judy didn't get here until almost seven last night. There had been some problems in Thomasville with the pneumatic system which sends vials of blood from the cancer center to the lab and they were there all day long, waiting until things got straightened out and Kathleen could get her chemo.
Kathleen was exhausted when they got here. I put her on the couch with blankets and a cup of tea and Judy and I had adult beverages in the kitchen while I put the pizza together.

Side note:
I make awesome pizza. Beautiful pizza. Delicious pizza. Healthy pizza.
I didn't take a picture and I should have but it's all gone now so too late. I sent the last two pieces home with Kathleen. I might make pizza again for supper tonight. Or tomorrow. I have rehearsal tonight.
Am I the only one who obsesses about dinner before breakfast is digested?

Anyway, we ate the pizza and went to bed. This morning, Kathleen apologized for being such a poor guest- for just sleeping and eating. I said, "Are you kidding me? That's like my fantasy guest!" And it is. I want to feed people well and give them a cozy place to sleep well. With the dog of their choice.

We had oatmeal for breakfast. Kathleen eats her oatmeal with nothing on it but a little bit of butter. What? She doesn't even like raisins. I eat oatmeal but it's like a job.
"Thank god that's done," I say when I've finished up my little bowl of healthy goodness like the good girl I am. And I put some maple syrup or brown sugar on mine! Still, it seems like work. I just e-mailed my idol, Ms. Bastard -Beloved and told her that if she were here, we could go to the Waffle House and have eggs and hashbrowns and toast and BACON!
And that boy, I wish she were here.

Kathleen would have gone to the Waffle House with me but Judy came to collect her so that they can get errands done. I think the errands involve Christmas. I should go do Christmas errands too.
Really. I should.

I might.

But I might just stay in the bathtub all day and try to learn my lines. Hey! I NEED to learn my lines.

And Mr. Moon just called back and he's still cold and he didn't buy one car at auction and now he's trying to Christmas shop and he's asking me questions on the phone like, "this one or that one?" and I have no idea what he's talking about but I HAVE figured out tonight's supper and the crock pot is all ready with its secret (mostly Lipton Beefy-Onion soup mix) ingredients to receive the venison backstrap when it's thawed out and the backstrap is in a freezer bag in the sink with an iron pot holding it down in the hot water and my fingers smell of the garlic I just peeled and I think it's one of those days where if something's not frozen I should try to keep it that way and if it is, I should thaw it out.

For some reason I am in a cheerful mood, I feel excellent and the exercycle calls as the crockpot heats and the laundry swishes and spins.

Chemicals. Today they are good and I am grateful. I am grateful for that and for the fact that Kathleen likes to come here and stay after she gets chemo and asks me to make her pizza and that my husband is Christmas shopping and that I have heat and venison and carrots and potatoes and that I am in such a fun play and that I have a grandson who gave me a kiss yesterday for every bite of yogurt I fed him.
In fact, it made me cry, that kissing.
"Owen," I said, "I love you so much that it makes my heart hurt."
He laughed. And my heart hurt some more.

Here's a picture his mama took yesterday of Owen and Grandmother sitting on the bed and reading a book:

I think he calls me "Mare," or something like that and that makes my heart hurt too. Because it's having to stretch so much further than I ever knew it could, like a woman's belly when she's expecting a child.
But such a good pain.

It's a good morning.
Colder than shit but a good one.

I hope yours is too.


  1. It is colder than shit here too. I am so glad I don't have to go outside today, except to get the dog to pee. He has a furry coat and he doesn't want to go out either. I would cry over those kisses too. I love that last paragraph, almost cried over that myself. Kathleen sounds like a perfect houseguest to me too. But plain oatmeal? Brown sugar and pecans make it worth eating. Plain, not so much.
    I wish I could say I made amazing pizza. I can't get the dough right. I buy dough, but it's not right either. I keep thinking about that video Bethany posted, the little man in New York who makes every pizza by hand, a work of art, with fresh basil snipped on top. I bet yours taste like that, full of love and good things.
    Hope the damn artic chill heads home soon. Ice doesn't look right in Lloyd! Stay warm, hugs, Mel.

  2. Cold! So damn cold! Baggy and I huddled together all night. I was toasty in bed, but then the morning came and I had to get up and it was TOO DAMN COLD.

  3. Are you wiping away tears in that photo? You're so dear -- you really are.

  4. Have missed reading your blog and it felt good to read your voice (I know that sounds strange but when I read your blog I hear your voice). Those movie parts you did just did it!

    Oh what was I saying....yes I am glad to read for the time right this moment of what has been going on in your neck of the woods. Sorry it is soooooo cold where you are. When it gets real cold here we put a heat lamp in the chicken house so they have some warmth. I feel awful when it is that cold. With our horses we blanketed them up. They always felt warm. I could through my arms around there necks and get warm real quick.

    Kathleen...I have to catch up with what has been going on for her. Life has been full around here and I have had zip time to read any blogs...let alone writing time.

  5. Mel- I am going to post my recipe for pizza dough. It is perfect. And butt-easy. Stay warm!

    DTG- Yes and yes, and YES! Too damn cold.

    Elizabeth- Maybe. I cry a lot.

    Ellen- Good to see you, honey! I hope all is well, just busy.
    My chickens seem fine in this weather. If it gets much colder I will consider a heater. Bless their little hearts. They did just get all that nice down and new feathers after molting so I think they're okay.

  6. It's colder than frozen shit, here..been 19 all day.

  7. Sally Moon- God spare me. How do you DO it?

  8. Dang, you all should come to Boulder! It's freakishly warm for this high up in the world. I'm wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Although, I do admit to not taking a shower this morning for fear of being cold when I got out. Hah, I'm a wuss when it comes to being cold.

    Well, I'm having a wonderful time but of course I do miss my family like crazy! I'm so glad you are in high spirits today, Mama. And I definitely want some of your pizza!

    I love you so.

  9. It is cold down here in Orlando! I had to pull my big pot of marigolds inside last night.

    I have really been wanting to make pizza, how do you do it? Should I email to you formally request the recipe? Mmmm... pizza...

  10. Look at that smart boy! Just barely one year old and reading books with G'Mare. I loved your funny little video of the two of you playing together - your voice and Owen's doin's. And all those keeses! I am envious.
    Warm Hugs from Here. x0 N2

  11. Oh, it is colder than shit here too.

    But a friend---can you believe this---stopped by with scarves and hats that she knitted for my boys. I loved her so much for loving my boys.

    Yes. My heart ached a bit.

  12. It is cold here but not as cold as yesterday. I could deal with the cold but the wind has been wild. It is supposed to warm up a bit by the weekend.

  13. I think we had a mini tornado around here somewhere. I saw something on the news about some rooftops being blown off. I guess it's a good thing I live at the foot of a mountain, my house is sheltered from the high winds.

    And I LOVE oatmeal. I don't know why, but I do. Not as much as cream of wheat, but almost.

  14. grandkids are fantastic, was together with my grandson yesterday, also making me crying of joy ! Even if it was only for 3-4 hours, it was fantastic, now he can say yes and no ! and understands much more ! and he loves to unbuckle my buckles !

  15. NO, you are MY IDOL! I love the fucking Waffle House. I also love Huddle House (same damn shit--different name).

    But, I love you MAS!

  16. HoneyLuna- And we miss you! Damn, girl. Enjoy the balmy weather in Boulder. Maybe we should have pizza for Christmas Eve supper. You think?
    I love you!

    Ellen- Recipe given.

    N2- I need that boy far more than he needs me.

    Ms. Fleur- I got a million of 'em.

    Nancy C- Now THAT is love.

    Syd- Here too. I can't wait.

    Angie M- A friend of mine's son used to say "Cream of Wheek" when he was a tiny boy. I like that stuff too.
    I'm glad your house is okay. Stay safe!

    Niels- Owen is fascinated by my buckles, too.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- When you come visit, we shall go there. One or the other. Or both. Love you.


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