Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost Like Perfection, Almost Like A Poem

I gave them grits.

They gave me eggs.

The dogs just give me grief.


  1. I am planning to be a chicken farme next spring..will be contacting you for help.

  2. Man, that dog needs to step it up. A pull in a sled might be called for.

  3. Stephanie- It's a nice little arrangement.

    Sally Moon- I know nothing! I've just intuited my way into it. With the vast help from my friend Kathleen. Get you a chicken guru!

    DTG- Surprisingly, chickens are not as fond of grits as you'd think. They prefer grapes.

    Megan- We give that dog a break. She's the Oldest Living Boxer on the Planet and can barely pull her own hips along behind her.

  4. I bet the chickens gave you shit later on.

  5. I like the dogs. Glad that the chickens like grits.

  6. Well, dogs aren't as magical, I suppose. But I'm sure they give you love.

  7. If you gave me cheese grits, I might produce eggs, too! I love them.

    Not as much as i love you, of course.

  8. deb- Not much.

    Nancy C- How did you know?

    Syd- I think they would have liked them more with cheese.

    Angie M- True. But my dogs mostly love Mr. Moon. And Jessie. And Kathleen.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Ha!


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