Saturday, December 25, 2010

In Which Owen Gets Red Converses And Christmas Turns Out To Be Finer Than Fine

Lord, Lord, Lord. Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabelle.

Honeys, it has been some Christmas.

Honestly and absolutely one of the very best I can ever remember.

Christmas Eve day started out with Owen getting here and eating oatmeal and Clementines with his Bop and his grandmother and how could a day that started like this be anything but good?

Aunt Jessie came out and Owen's life was complete. We played and took a walk, all of us, and at one point I swear, Owen looked up at Jessie who was pushing him in the stroller and said, "Hey Jessie!" just as clear as can be.
We all cracked up.

I made the traditional chicken salad and Jessie decorated it with the traditional red and green grapes and pecans.

Lily got off work and came here to find a sleepy boy and she and her son went back to our bed and took a long, long, sweet nap.

Hank and May showed up and the merriment began.

There was much imbibing of beverages (except for May, of course, and Jessie too, mostly) and okay, hilarity ensued.

Yes. Lily is holding Jessie on her hip. They have been doing this since Jessie weighed twenty-seven pounds. They are still good at it. When Lily is my age, she is going to regret this circus act bitterly, but for now, it makes us all happy.

Everyone helped with the pizzas and they were, well, check it out.

Yeah. Uh-huh. They were good.
So was the chicken salad and the ribs Aunt Brenda sent from Texas. They were REALLY, REALLY GOOD! We ate them like beasts.

After dinner we all played with the...Wii...which Bop bought as a gift for us all (him) and it has been in use for two days now (by him). We all created our own avatars (Mii's) and actually, that was the most fun for me. Then we played a rousing game of Jeopardy. We laughed so hard.
And May and I ate fruit cake until Lily finally took it away from us. May and I are not usually the big eaters but put a fruit cake in front of us and we can't stop.
Really. Lily took it away from us.
Bless her heart.
(Thank-you, Lily.)

Then to bed and up this morning to start all over again.

Bop and Owen looked out the window at the birds and studied the bird book.

Owen played with his Auntie May

And his Uncle Hank

And ate apples and cuddled with his mama

until breakfast was ready. Hank cooked us sausages and eggs and we heated up sweet pastries and Granny came out and we all sat down and ate and then, then, THEN the true madness started.

So many presents. And such good ones.
Hank made us all calenders,

each one different, with pictures from his blog and other ones he'd found, depending on whose calender he was making, each customized and perfect and works of art. I mean really- you can't believe how beautiful they are.

Perfect. That Hank. He done real good this year, that boy of mine. We gave him a round of applause.

The present opening was just chaos.

And Owen finally broke down but before he did, Mr. Moon took this beautiful picture of him and his daddy.

And then...I opened up a gift from Kathleen.

She had knit me a shawl from wool the colors of the waters of Cozumel and as soft as a tender wish and with silver bells woven into the fringe on ribbons.
I cried. May had to get up and hold me, I was so damn overcome.

And Mr. Moon got me the earrings I wanted, flat tear-drop shapes of turquoise

simple and perfect.
And my children- they all went together and got me the object of my lustful desire.

The Lucky Brand Abbey Road purse.
Oh fucking kill me now.
It's soft. It smells like heaven. It's perfect in all ways. I love the buckles, the big zipper, the pocket on the outside where I can put my phone, my keys, the pockets on the inside, one just for PENS!
Oh. It is heaven.
Oh, oh, oh. (Imagine sexual-sounding groans of pleasure here.)

And no! We are not done!

Owen got a four-wheeler. For toddlers. What? Yes.
I was like, "Why would you get him a four-wheeler? That's ridiculous! He's too young!"
And then his daddy showed it to him, showed him how to make it go and he swung his leg over that thing, sat down and pushed the button.

He is not too young.
Owen! Stop growing so fast! You are breaking your grandmother's heart!
It goes up to TWO MILES PER HOUR!
Not too fast. It's okay.
As you can see, even Buster the dog was amazed and impressed.

And before the kids left to go to other-parents' I made them stand in front of the Christmas tree.
Here they are, my beauties, my babies, my loves.

The angel on the tree looks down and the deer on the wall does too.

It is three o'clock in the afternoon on Christmas Day and I am wrapped in the shawl of the colors of Cozumel which is so long it could wrap around me three times and which my friend made when she was having chemo and which silver-bell tinkles when I move and the rain is starting to fall from a pewter sky when just an hour ago the sky was as clear and the sun was so bright that I said, "This is why we live in Florida," and my husband and Jessie are either bowling or playing archery or boxing with the Wii and I am drinking coffee and Bailey's and this is my report of Christmas in Lloyd, 2010.

Ay yah.
It finally came, this Christmas Day and despite all my frantic anxiety and my fears and my melancholy and my bitterness and my bitchy, bitch bitchiness, it has all been so fine.

And there is pizza and chicken salad in the refrigerator should I ever want to eat again and even more fruit cake and perhaps I'll even play some sort of Wii game with the man and when I go out, I shall take my red bag with me and it will carry all of my stuff and I will wear my turquoise earrings and be a hippie and that is right and good because I am one.

And oh! One more picture. This one for Jo
because I have been wearing the beautiful warm tights she sent me last year all day in honor of Christmas.

Like my outfit?
I do.

I swear- I hope your Christmas has turned out to be as lovely as ours has. When Lily left today she said, "Thank-you, Mama. It was magic."
And I know she said that because she knows that more than anything else I would wish for my children to know magic and to have some small part in that and damn- her saying that was the sweetest thing she could have said.

Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabelle.
We done pagan'ed it up and Christmased it up and loved it up and Wii'ed it up and ate it up and drank it up and lit it up.

We done did it all.

And it was sweet and it was good.

Merry Christmas, all of you. I feel you in my heart right here under this soft, soft shawl in this old heart which is full and bright and just tight with light.
And love.

Merry Christmas.


  1. It sounds perfect! Just as y'all deserve! (And what, nobody was stopped by a corrupt traffic cop?!)

    Un flambeau Jeanette Isabella ...

    So glad to "know" you and have you and your loved ones in my life!


  2. Woman! What are you complaining about those legs for??? They're fabulous!

    It finally came, this Christmas Day and despite all my frantic anxiety and my fears and my melancholy and my bitterness and my bitchy, bitch bitchiness, it has all been so fine.

    Whisper: remember this next year

    Happy Christmas, Mary and all your Moons. Magic indeed.

    PS Lily, you are working those jeans!

  3. Ms Moon, Warm merry Christmas from cold Denmark ! did you get your thrifted overalls or do I still have a chance to give you a late present ? and yes you look great in your new outfit ! and did you see BB King sing Merry Christmas ? lol from your overalls brother

  4. Mary Moon! I was just discussing my first Christmas's in Florida...the first ones I ever experienced with a family that ALL celebrated it together...and how strange it was to me - an outsider to the notion of people as a family getting together to celebrate something and actually enjoying it and not having some religious aspect hanging over their head making them feel guilty if they found any enjoyment. I told my lovely wife how much I appreciated you and your wonderful family (every single one of you) for welcoming me with open arms and introducing me to such an interesting (yet very normal to most) situation.

    Merry Christmas!

    Tracy (the old Oregonian)

  5. It truly was a magical Christmas. I especially liked being a babe on Lily's hip, but I do feel bad for her future knees- I'm sure I helped ruin them.

    I am so grateful for my beautiful family and for the abundance of food, lovely presents and for being home. It was wonderful. And Hank's calendars are freaking awesome.

    Love, love, love you Mama!

  6. I'm not sure you can continue writing a blog and surpass this Christmas post.

    I absolutely love it and you.

    Merry Christmas, Ms. Moon. Merry Christmas.

  7. It makes me very happy to hear you had a wonderful Christmas day. Love to you and yours from me and mine!!

  8. Hell of a time! Oh, and S.S. Catbeard is a go. Although Baggy is a little unsure of the whole thing.

  9. So wonderful, the whole thing. Mama! You did make it magical! Again.

  10. merry christmas, ms. moon!!!!

    looks like yours was fine.



  11. It was magic! I love seeing my boy passed around all of love magic people, he is going to grow up to be an awesome person! I love you so much, Merry Christmas!

  12. NOLA- No. No one got stopped in a roadblock. We maybe bribed Owen a time or two but that's just to expected. Merry Christmas, honey! Stay safe and watch out for those spiders.

    Jo- It's not my legs I complain about! It's the rest of me...
    Okay. I'll try to remember next year. You'll remind me, I am sure.

    Niels- You are so sweet. No, I got no overalls. I'll find some, I am sure. But it was still an outstanding Christmas. I hope you had a lovely one too.

    Tracy- I am SO glad that is a happy memory for you. I hope this Christmas has been a good one for you, too. Thanks for commenting.

    HoneyLuna- Love, love, LOVE you, darling.

    Elizabeth- So maybe I should quit now? We know that's not going to happen. I hope that your family is happy and enjoying the evening.
    Love you, dear woman.

    Jill- And love back to you!

    DTG- Can you make Baggy walk the plank? Haha! You are a rock star, my dear son. Those calenders...the best. Ever. Your mama sure does love you.

    May- Nope. Now it's you guys making the magic. I am so lucky. I love you so much. Did you get those glasses fixed?

    Tearful- It was most fine. Love back to you.

    Lily- Your son already IS an awesome person. He is perfection on perfect toast. Because he has the best parents in the world.
    I love you, baby, and your boy and your man, too.

  13. I am so glad that it was a good one. I knew that it would be. Family and love--those are awesome. The shawl looks so nice on you.

  14. That pizza looks pretty amazing. Like all the best pizza it's all topping and barely any base, I like that!

    Those calendars are amazing. I have your lions on screen behind this. They look pleased to be dealing with that woman don't they.

    Your grandson has a real photogenic quality.

    Have you considered taking him to a model agency? He could earn himself a college fund before he's in long trousers!

    Many thanks for your good wishes.


  15. Wow! I'm with Jo...whispering "remember this next year".

    I'm so happy for all of you. I can only imagine the fun and chaos knowing all of you and how you play off of one another. Makes me smile just thinking of it. :-P

    Love you,
    xo m ps, your bowl and your christmas card are here. I'm happy to trot them over whenever.

  16. Looks as perfect and magical as anything I've ever seen and the love is just oozing out of your words and picts.

    But DAMN WOMAN! Those legs! I'm green with envy, horizontal stripes and all.


  17. There is nothing to add.

    Did you ever imagine?

    love to you and your family for gifting it out too...

  18. you have filled me in a way that only you can.
    love to you dressed in the blue waters of true wonder.


  19. You know what though, you really didn't bitch much this year, I mean you didn't seem as anxiety laden as last year AT ALL. You shared differently in any case. You seemed more settled and confident, less overwhelmed even though you were super busy still and had tons to do.

    In any case, I love these photos and this beautiful post, ALL of it just warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing. You're gorgeous in your tights and shawl.

    Hanks calendars rock!
    Jessie and Lily are so darn cute.
    And Owen, well, yeah.....

  20. Syd- It FEELS so nice to me. Thank-you.

    Gledwood- No. We just think he's perfect and enjoy that. Modeling? Yikes! Thank-you for the nice comments, dear boy.

    Ms. Fleur- Thanks, honey. I'll call you.

    Michelle- The legs are genetically blessed.

    deb- No. I never imagined.

    rebecca- Aren't I blessed? Yes. I am.

    Bethany- You know me so well. Thanks, as always, for being there, being you. Here's me, holding you close.

  21. I am so glad it was magic. Owen looks so big on that little 4 wheeler, Your family is more than beautiful, and Those legs look so very fine in those tights:) Merry Christmas!

  22. What a beautiful and happy group of people!

    I knew you would have a good day...I just knew it! Getting there is always half the battle. Owen's shoes are adorable and your gifts are wonderful. Those legs aren't looking too bad either. ;)

  23. Amber Elise- Owen grows so darn fast that I am amazed every other second.
    Thank you for your sweet comments.

    Mel's Way- I knew I would have a good day too. I just didn't know how good.

  24. Beautiful family, food and gifts!
    Made me smile deep deep deep in my heart.
    p.s. can i borrow the purse?

  25. Handandspirit- Okay. If you travel all the way to Lloyd, Florida, I will lend you my purse. But you have to bring your afghan!

  26. Sounds like a perfect christmas. I love the calendars. And the tights and the legs. And the idea of having pizza. But of course most of all that purse! That is a purse to lust after. I remember it well from the time you first found it. Your children did well. May all your christmases be this good or better!

  27. Mwa- I am telling you- it is lustworthy! Everytime I see it, I am filled with lust again.


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