Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just to make this Season of Darkness, as our Ms. Bastard Beloved calls it, even more intense, I am going to be playing a witch doctor in a film that Mr. Rabbath is making. Who knows if you will ever see it?


Tomorrow we shall film.
Today I spent Fifty-Five Dollars at the Dollar store. You didn't even know that was possible, did you?
Well. It is.
I bought lots of bags so that if I ever get around to wrapping anything, it will be Fun and Easy!

I asked Freddy if I couldn't be a Santaria Priestess instead of a witch doctor. We all know I yearn to be one of those. Drink rum? Smoke big fat cigars? Dance insanely? Wear crazy dresses and men's boots? Sacrifice goats?
Oh yeah. I'm there, baby.

But no. Maybe someday.

In the meanwhile, I now have plenty of stocking stuffers and I bought a fruitcake. NOT at the Dollar Store, I assure you. Even I wouldn't stoop that low. At Costco, of course. And no fruitcake jokes. I love fruitcake so please- be polite. I usually make my own but this year in the spirit of not doing anything I don't have to do for Christmas, I did not.

So okay, that's my update.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?
You all ready yet?
(That was for you, rebecca.)

Pass the eggnog. On second thought, forget the eggnog and just pass the rum.

In a week this will all be but a faint dream.

And I can't wait.


  1. santaira princess? i need to research this.....

    havent smoked a ciggie for two weeks now, so your cigar smoking thing strikes a desperate chord.

    did you take that photo of the moon? we missed the eclipse here, it was snowing and cold...

    low maintenance christmas is a good idea...bravo....we're only four here in France (my family) so low maintenance Christmas is kind of our thing...but it's still nice.

  2. "Santaria Princess" is my retirement plan.

    Bob Rosen-B does all of his Christmas shopping at the 99 Cent Store. You guys have a simpatico thing going on.

  3. we made stuffed cabbage casserole, pb kiss cookies and an attempted hard candy today (jury's still out on that one), last night was cupcakes. enjoy your fruitcake!


  4. As my father used to say on the day after Christmas, "It is as far away now as it will ever be". He didn't always have the Christmas spirit either. I wonder what a fruitcake from the Dollar Store would taste like.....probably made by some elves in outer Mongolia.

  5. ah.. caught up here.

    That is so cool about the movie.

    Our tree is up but not decorated so you are ahead of me.
    I'm just struggling this year. My kids really just want money or a new coat, and I want binoculars and would rather just go get them myself , and I don't really buy into all the mall stuff. My kids do all of their own silly and make memories and we are just enjoying the whatever. No pressure.

    It always works out. It always does.

    I love your friend Terry Joy...

    and your birds feeders..

    and your moon photo. It's remarkable.

  6. You'll be Danielle's Santaria princess, Ms M, he'll love that :)

    I just put some mini cupcakes in the oven for the mini's Christmas party tomorrow. The older mini gets a snow day, much to her delight.

    We haven't had time to play in the snow yet :(

    I hope to brave said snow to buy somthing more substantial for my not-not-husband because he's insisting on going into town in the snow to get me presents we weren't going to buy. This isn't good. I've spent too much already.

    I did the food shopping on Monday though, before the snow got big, and the presents are all done bar those above - I'm leaving lots of people out - card fail, present fail, as per usual, the plans never come to fruition. But, oh, well...

    tomorrow, tiramisu, cookies, next day, maybe, stuffing, cabbage, wrapping. Charge camera. What else?

  7. Another movie! Yay!
    I like fruitcake too. Never made it though.

  8. Dear Ms Moon, I would join you in a rum and drink to you because you are truly wonderful xx

  9. So you're leanin' into the pagan side of the holiday this year. Sometimes it just goes that way. Maybe you can write some of those xmas cards while you are waiting around on set for your scene to be set up...

    Hang in there. We are almost through this tunnel.

    Awesome shot of the moon, BTW. And you took that with an elbow tripod?! You are a Wonder Woman!
    x0 N2

  10. amen. I can't wait either.
    I'll take some rum though.

  11. can you hear me?
    i am screaming!!!

    (please take that as a NO! i am completely UNREADY!)

  12. Screamish- Ah. Lawd. Four or forty, it's still a lot of work.

    Lisa- While I was at the $ Store today a mother was there with her three children Christmas shopping. "Don't you think Daddy would like some of this hair gel?" Oh Lord. At the cash register she kept saying, "I think you guys made really good choices." I was proud for her.

    Mrs. A- Sounds like heaven!

    Syd- Or two-year old Chinese children.

    deb- I am so glad you've met Terry Joy. And yes, it always works out.

    Jo- Oh honey. I have no idea. It sounds like you've done ENOUGH!

    Lora- It's not hard but it's pricey to make if you use good fruits and nuts. And butter.

    Christina- I am blushing like a rose. Thank-you, honey.

    N2- It takes no time for Freddie to set up. Get things in place, shoot. I have lines to learn! Damn!

    handandspritstudio- Oh! Thank-you so much for coming by! And stopping to say something. I would definitely drink rum with you.

    rebecca- And it will come whether we are ready or not. Ah-lah. So let us try to...relax? Love you, dear one.

  13. Everything is bought, but I have to wrap shit still. I'll do a few gifts a day, because I hate wrapping. Also, I'll wrap the shit with a wine buzz on. Everything is faster and easier with a wine buzz.

  14. Christmas at the in-laws is coming near and packing needs to be done, some presents need to be bought and wrapped, and then we need to drive over to the UK in the snow. I thought I wouldn't stress out, but I think I may anyway.

    Not long now.


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