Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stars, Bacteria, God, And A Virgin. You Know. The Regular Stuff

So they are saying that there are three times the number of stars in the galaxy than we knew about.
And yet- I am not surprised. They could tell me that there are a million times the number of stars in the galaxy than we knew and I would be no more amazed. My mind can't fathom such things. I can't even begin to imagine the number of mice and squirrels that live in the walls of my house.
So...stars in the galaxy?
There's enough for me to see and to be in wonderment at. And that's all I can tell you, that's all I can handle.

Sometimes science makes SO MUCH SENSE and sometimes, it just doesn't. After hearing that report which said that up to 75% of the human body's DNA is made up not of human DNA but of bacterial DNA, I have pondered and pondered and still can't figure that shit out. It just leads to so many questions that seem to have no answers. What if humans are merely an invention of bacteria to carry them around, to host their little life-parties? What if my bacteria are hippy-non-believing bacteria and that's why I dress the way I do and hate Christmas while your bacteria are firmly faithful and want you to wear makeup (Mmmm.... Makeup) and decorate your home with those plastic thingees they sell at Walgreens?
You can buy lots of makeup at Walgreens, too. Perhaps Walgreens is just an invention of bacteria.
What if bacteria is GOD???!!!

Oh Lord. No. I am not stoned. I promise.

Well, Owen is coming soon and the knee will get the Big Test. Can I carry around an almost thirty-pound boy and survive? NO DANCING! I am going to try and make him walk as much as possible. He is certainly capable of it. He can out-run an adult now but he just likes the view from my hip. I must have a comfy hip.
It's going to be a full day of Owen and then rehearsal. I feel up to the task. I slept like a beast and if I dreamed, I don't remember. And the stars did not care but careened in great wheels of glory above my sleeping head and I did not even know.

Sweet rebecca is posting a virgin a day until Our Lady of Guadalupe's birthday on Dec. 12. I certainly have enough virgins in this house for THAT project, although nowhere near the number of stars which are in the sky or bacteria which are in and on my body. Thank goodness! But here is my favorite virgin with stars.

Can I multi-task or what?

Happy Thursday, y'all. Ponder our insignificance and wonder at the miracle of our being here at all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I dreamed about Owen last night. I dreamed he and I took a nap together.

  2. i almost wrote about all those stars too!!!
    no surprise. just like most of humanity to underestimate anything.
    including sadly, each other, and more sadly, themselves.
    when i was little i was sure all that broken glass on the side of the roads shimmering in the california sunlight were diamonds. the leap was not in perceiving treasure in the would be convincing my mother stopping would be worthwhile.
    i have to say she has in older years trusted my instincts more and shared many an adventure beside me, yes, even stopping by frida's house!

    thanks for sharing your virgin...and your ability to see more where others choose less.

  3. My granddaughter likes to be on my hip too and my back is suffering because of it. She's too cute to say no to, not to mention the fact that one day she won't want to be carried around by her old Granny, so I am going to enjoy it while I can!

  4. Followed you over from your comment at Smacksy. Which I totally agreed with, so yeah,,,hooked up right away.

    And this first post of yours here? Great introduction into what you are like.

    Yes. I am following. Your blog, that is. Let's make that clear.

    Pleasure to meet you.

  5. Plenty to think about and amuse in this. Thanks for that.

    All the best, Boonie

  6. DTG- I'll pay you ten dollars to come out here and get Owen to take a nap.

    rebecca- Your diamond story reminds me of when Downtown Guy was a youngster and got a ring in a gumball machine. "Is it a real diamond?" he asked. I told him that no, it was not. "They could have made a mistake," he said.
    I loved that.

    Lois- Same here. Dang.

    Ms. Empress- I am SO glad you found me. Now come and play with us as often as you can...
    Pleasure to meet you too!

    Boonie- All the best to you, too, my far-away friend.

  7. I really like your scientific posts. And I'm quite happy with all my bacteria. They mostly help me or do nothing but have me as a host. Now the rhino virus that has taken over my mucosa at the moment just suck.

  8. Yes, all living things share DNA. Change a few bits and pieces, and you can "convert" a chicken into a fish. DNA contains four basic molecules which are arranged in different orders to make different organisms. Think of Leggo blocks. Same blocks can be used to make a car, airplane, person, dog! Lesson over!

  9. I have not followed your blog before, but is Owen your grandson? Your house sounds like my kind of place if it is filled with all those virgin Marys.

  10. Easy - I do that all the time.

    My hip has issues when I carry children on my hip too much. Have you tried him on your belly instead? Well, I suppose I mean on both hips at the same time. Somehow that evens the weight out, it's better for hugging and it stops my hip getting as sore.

  11. This is beautiful, as are you:
    And the stars did not care but careened in great wheels of glory above my sleeping head and I did not even know.

  12. Yeah. Exactly. I feel even more insignificant now.


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