Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I always think of her so tenderly this day. I like to think of holding her softly in my hands.
She wrote a beautiful little piece today in the NY Times. Click on the picture to read it.
Thanks, DTG for the shout.


  1. What a sweet story of them as a couple.

  2. Oh, my, that was so beautiful; what a wonderful couple they were.

  3. Very moving. They truly loved each other.

  4. Loved it. She is so wise to remember these funny moments and let the rest fade. We all need to laugh more, yes?

  5. Thanks for sharing. I can picture it.

  6. Thanks for posting that. I would have missed it and am so glad that didn't happen.

  7. It makes me smile to realize that although John Lennon is remembered by the world for all the things he did, wrote, and said, his wife remembers him for the simple and real person he was. Very touching article.

  8. ha...i love yoko even so most people still hate her..i actuallylike her more then the beatles!!

    most people dont know she was already well known artist when she met john..that she had a big career which she gave up ...

    she is amazing..

  9. Me too! I saw a piece on them on Dutch TV yesterday, and afterwards there was a panel talk about them, and this blonde piece of plastic surgery started to bitch about Yoko - I had to turn the TV off. She made me feel sick. "I feel she deprived us of The Beatles." I wish I'd been there - I'd have given her a piece of my mind.

  10. Thank you for linking to that article. I am glad to have been able to read it and I most definitely would not have stumbled across it on my own.

  11. Stephanie- I know. A tiny, sweet, slice of a life together.

    Kori- I think she saved him over and over again.

    Syd- No doubt.

    Mel- YES!

    Ms. Fleur- Can't you just?

    Joy- You're welcome!

    Mel's Way- I think his humanity was what made us all love him so much.

    Danielle- I know. I have always loved her.

    Mwa- What shite. On so many levels.

    Jill- I was happy to do so.

  12. I dig Yoko. Always have. Thanks for the link and thank you, too, Hank!


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