Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Suffering!

I am that tired. Falling asleep sitting up tired.
It was a long day.
This morning's filming was so much fun. I just slipped right into the character, whoever SHE was, and I danced with it. Not quite literally, but almost.
We were in a magical place to film and at one point, one of the caretakers there came out and said, "Would you cast us a good spell?"
Well. This is MUCH nicer than being kicked out off the property. I told her I would do my best.
I don't know why, but when I'm in the right mood, being in front of FC's camera does nothing to frighten me or make me anxious. Possibly because there is no real crew to speak of, just a few people and so I'm not wasting a bunch of people's time and I'm not having to prove anything. I am not a movie star nor even an actor-wanna be. I am just...whoever Freddy wants me to be.
It's a joy.

But really, it's been a very, very long day. From early this morning to just now I have run, run, run. I stayed with Owen for a few hours, I visited with Kathleen. Can I tell you how beautiful she is? Her hair is coming in, a smooth, lovely cap of gray which covers her head and makes her look like the goddess she is. She is driving down to Pine Island tomorrow to spend Christmas with her family and I am so glad she feels well enough to do it. She had offers of rides but has chosen to drive herself and I am sure she can do that.
I hope they have a wonderful Christmas.

And Mr. Moon is playing poker and I should be wrapping presents and this morning's dishes still aren't washed and I am just beat. But, as you can see- my lipstick still looks good! (Loreal, Saucy Sangria, in case you're interested. That shit is awesome.)

So. Dishes. And then maybe try to wrap a few things? Or fall in bed?

We shall see. Either way I do not intend to suffer.

Life holds enough of that on its own and I do not plan on taking any which is not my share to take.
Not tonight, anyway.

And don't you do it either.

And P.S.
I really do not have the energy to respond to comments tonight and may not have the time tomorrow. Please know this breaks my heart but, sometimes you can only do what you're big enough to do, as Mr. Moon's wise father used to say.
I am reading them. I am loving them. I am loving you, too.


  1. Love you too Ms Moon. This may be my last comment in awhile, as I'm heading to kentucky in the morning and I'm not taking a laptop....will be gone for a couple weeks. Will check in from time to time. Love.

  2. I can just see the ad..."Her Saucy Sangria is still holding up long after the woman who wears it..."
    Rest well and have a great day tomorrow. I work a few hours tomorrow and then I am off for days and days and days!!!!!
    OK I'm back to wrapping now...

  3. I vote for falling into bed. After all, tomorrow is another day...

    I'm always amazed that you answer comments, even when there's like 20+ ~ I don't read many blogs, but most of them don't answer comments at all, not even to say, "I don't comment but I love hearing from you," as you have done tonight. Give yourself a break, lovely Ms. Moon! Your fans love you and understand.

  4. Oh my! I love the moon header with a passion.

    I also love the photo of you.

  5. Merry Christmas Mrs. Moon..........and get some rest!

  6. I can imagine how tired you are. Maybe you need the male counterpart of what I posted this evening. Ha--I doubt that since you have Mr. Moon. But it is fairly hysterical.

  7. I'm excited about your new acting gig. I find it all so wonderful. Freddie rocks. I'm glad he SEES you. And you feel some comfortable acting for him.

    I will just consider myself hugged by you then if that's okay.
    I am always amazed that you answer comments too. And think for sure you need a little break right now.
    We will survive.
    Love you mucho.
    Love those lips!

  8. No suffering!That means no guilt over comments, too. You day sounds divine. I think you are a natural in front of the camera and that is why it feels so easy and right. Good night, Ms. Moon. Sweet dreams.

  9. Hey sweet thang.

    I hope your christmas is a good one. I bet it will be.

    Remember to be at least as nice to yourself as you are to anyone else alive and you'll be fine.

    I like a world with you in it.

  10. Sleep well Ms. Moon. Your lipstick is holding up wonderfully.

    PS I don't have anything wrapped yet either. What the hell!! No suffering and no guilt.

  11. that's ok, I have no time to post one!!

  12. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your life with me, (us). To me, it's me, there is no one else here sitting beside me reading this, it's just you and me, so thanks.
    I worked in the movie biz. I did many things, but mostly special effects and some stunt driving, stuff with vehicles, trucks, cars, ambulances, (the ones pulling away when the camera goes back to the main characters).
    Your lipstick looks great, you look great, tired and all. We're at our best when we are ourselves. That's what people see the most. I don't wear lipstick.

    Peaceful thoughts

  13. Love the lipstick! (And your movie-making sounds like FUN.)

  14. You look really glamorous and shit in that lipstick. I love the shade, and I was going to ask what it was, so thank you for saving me the trouble.

    Glad you had fun with Fab Freddie.




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