Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Post

Ms. Moon is not at her sparkly best this morning although the day certainly is.
When I was coming back in from turning off all the water spigots and letting the chickens into the run and feeding the cat and getting the paper, I looked up to see the sun turning my bottles into jewels.

I can barely read the paper these days. We are getting a new governor and he looks like Lex Luther. Or maybe, as one blogger pointed out, Freddie Kruger.

In non-bizarro world he would be in prison but we here in Florida love our cheats and criminals and so, instead of jail, he's headed to the governor's office.
Every time we get a new governor, the first thing they want to do is dump on all the state workers which, if you know any state workers, you realize is already slave labor and how they think they can get private companies to provide the services which our state-slaves already provide for cheaper is beyond me.
I know a lot of state workers, one of them my son, and let me say that these people work their asses off for a ridiculously low amount of pay and then are vilified by the public and yes, the incoming governors for being lardbricks and whatever little insulting name some writer-dweeb comes up with.
It's going to be an interesting four years here. I read that Scott is having a hard time replacing all the state people he's fired with his own cronies because even the biggest positions don't pay squat compared to the private sector and besides that, they'd have to move to...ugh...Tallahassee.
His inauguration ball is going to feature heavily-weighted country music stars.
Yeah. I won't be attending.

So yes, there's that in the news these days and also there was the ninety-two year old woman who was beat up and put in a coma by some guy who obviously had some severe mental issues and she was left in her driveway, broken and bleeding.

So pretty much, I'd rather read blogs, although sometimes I do the crossword in the paper. That's fun.

But like I said, I'm not feeling great today. I did two things yesterday that I never, ever do and one of them was being outside in freezing temperatures for a long period of time and one of them was eating beef brisket and at three a.m. my stomach told me that eating beef brisket is something I should not do and it's still telling me that and I sort of feel like I've been hit all over with a flat, heavy board which may or may not be a result of the freezing temperatures.
Oh well, what the hell? I had big fun in the freezing temperatures and the brisket was delicious.
So there.

I need to hop on the exercycle and do a few miles and I'm going to go to town to take care of my boy this afternoon and I can't wait to see him. I wonder what new things he's learned in the past two days. Something, I can assure you.
And there's laundry and that tree is sitting in the Glen Den, waiting to be undressed and taken out. Mr. Moon took the trash yesterday and I asked him if he'd taken the tree down.
"That's your job," he said.

How do these things get assigned? I'd really like to know.

I won't find out by reading the newspaper, I feel certain.

Okay. Time to let the chickens out and feed them their scratch.

Christmas is over, New Year's is coming up. Do you have a plan? I don't. Well, I suppose I do.
Survive it. A martini may be involved.
Beef brisket will not.

Enjoy your day. Bundle up. It appears to be cold everywhere. Don't eat beef brisket. Scream in the woods. Read the newspaper. Or don't.

Happy Monday, y'all. If your sparkle is getting dull, try some glittery eye-shadow. It's probably on sale.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We leave the tree up until the day after New Year. Then all the decorations come down and the house just looks---lackluster without all the lights, etc.

    I am sick of dirty politics and politicians. And I'm glad that you have good feelings about state workers. The public is filled with people who don't realize that they are being ripped off by the private sector CEO's. Instead, they vilify state workers. Don't get me started.

  2. you always sparkle for me....not in a creepy vampire way, but in a cool role model kind of way.


  3. Beef brisket hits me the same way. And the cold but I have to deal with it here for half the year - and it takes another couple months to recuperate.
    The tree comes down New Year's Day unless I can't stand it any more before then. It's getting on my nerves already.

    I'm not going outside today if I can help it.

  4. I hope you have a lovely day with the boy. I bet those shining glass bottles were just beautiful. I haven't left the house in 2 days but will soon to see Jeff Bridges in True Grit--steppin out with my man for an afternoon date.
    Off topic, but here is a book and movie request for you to read one day about 6 years from now to Owen: Because of Winn Dixie.
    I apologize if you already know this info, but it was written by a lady who grew up in FL and went to UF. The made the movie just like the book, which I like. It is about a girl, but my boy liked it because the key character is a dog. Anyway, it is all FL, INCLUDING a warm, wonderful lady at the end who has a spontaneous, wonderful party at her OLD FL HOUSE and she has a tree with bottles just like yours and it is beautiful how she talks about them.
    Maybe don't wait 6 years.
    Let us know when we can see what was filmed yesterday.

  5. I am now up to date on your Christmas and the days after. If God is in the details, then I know that God's favorite details are red Converse sneakers.

  6. I'm feeling a bit like that today, too, even though we're replacing a big, ineffectual governor with a weird older man governor who I happen to really like. I just read an article in the paper that it's a big Republican myth that we have too many government workers -- and the reason why CA hasn't used any of its stimulus money is because so many gov't workers have been laid off that there's no one to do the projects for which they have the money! OY. I love that word and wish I were Jewish about this time of year.

  7. Take it slow today Ms. Moon. I love your description of yesterday and your wonderful movie star self in the freezing cold, screaming in the wind, i just know you are an incredible actress and Hollywood missed out (so far) but not us, we are lucky and blessed to know you and I am glad you enjoyed the brisket at 3 am and hope you get some time today to just lie down for a while and feel cozy and warm. And isn't it funny how tasks get assigned in marriage? The one who hates the job least gets to do it. And we do, because we love the other and want to make them happy and we know if we hated the job more than they did, they would do it for us. Always that unspoken equation. love to you.

  8. I think I read Scream in the woods here and I don't want to go back and unread it because I plan to do that tomorrow morning in one of the last of 3 surviving rain forests then run down to the ocean and get at least 2 pairs of pants and 5 pairs of socks wet.

  9. ps. I don't know what a brisket is.

  10. rain or shine...coming here is standing in wonder beside a bottle tree throwing light in a million directions.
    you pierce me with yours.....

  11. ah yes. just looked at your governors wikipedia page. interesting. v v v interesting, the word "interesting" being a euphmism for something slightly less polite.


    you have all my sympathy...if its any comfort this stuff seems to work the same all over the world. (politicans, criminals, blind eye, double standards etc etc)

  12. my husband and a daughter will be in Florida ( near Orlando ) for a soccer thingy for New Years,

    I will be drinking red wine in my pj's reading and glad that my other kidlets have taxi money .

  13. Syd- You are so wise. Please be a dearheart and come take my tree down and we shall discuss politics. Or not.

    Mrs. A- Oh lord. You're precious.

    Jeannie- I took Owen out for a few minutes but I couldn't take it. And it wasn't even that cold!

    Michele R- Was True Grit good? I want to see it. I hated the original but then- John Wayne- not for me. Okay. I'll show Owen Because Of Winn Dixie. I have seen a few moments of it but not the ending. I promise I will.

    DTG- A death eater. Something very evil. And twisted.

    Lisa- I agree. I might have to go get myself some so I can be as cool as Owen.

    Elizabeth- I, too, love the OY! and oy vey as well. It just sounds so right sometimes. Oy Vey!
    I am very interested to see how your older weird governor works out. I have always had a very warm place in my heart for Jerry. I remember when he was young and weird.
    God. I sure wish we had a Jerry Brown in Florida. I think that Rick Scott may be the anti-Jerry Brown.

    Angella- I am not sure that Mr. Moon hates taking down the Christmas tree as much as I or scrubbing the toilet either, for that matter. But somehow I have taken on these chores and have for the past twenty-seven years and so it goes and sometimes he thanks me for what I do and sometimes I thank him for what he does and yes- unspoken equation.

    Radish King- Yes. That is what you read. I did scream in the woods (in the wind) yesterday with all of my might. It was terrifically fun. You do it too! Then write about it and I shall read it!
    Mr. Moon says that brisket is the cut of the cow off the chest. I said, "So near the titties?" and he looked at me and said, "No. The titties of a cow are not near the chest."
    Oh. Yes. He is right.

    rebecca- I wish you could have seen those bottles this morning. They were glorious.

    screamish- Yeah. He's v.,v. interesting all right. In a criminal, evil sort of way. Thanks for the reassurance. I believe you are right.

    deb- Orlando- The Town The Mouse Ate. I am ALWAYS grateful I am not there.

  14. Please, I just can't get going on Rick Scott... I just can't. I will end up feeling like I've eaten beef brisket.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    We're not sure where we'll be for New Years yet. We may go to Orlando for a few days, but still not sure if we're staying till NYs.

    Hope you have fun whatever you do.

  15. I am plan-less for New Year's as well, But that just leaves the door open for so many possibilities...

    Sparkly eyeshadow... You are right, it probably is on sale... Hmmm.

  16. My plan for new year is pretty much your plan: survive. That will do. And then this fucking season of good will will be over and we can get back to some actual good cheer.

    Yeah, I'm a delight around the holidays too.

  17. Ms. Fleur- You too!

    Amber Elise- I highly recommend the Urban Decay brand. It is good stuff.

    Mwa- We're just little Christmas sparkly fairies, aren't we?

  18. Ms Moon you make me laugh. A lot.


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