Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ms. Madonna

This Our Lady was in the church in the little village of El Cedral on Cozumel Island. As you can see, she is a bit flirtatious and has a sort of sixties sensibility. I believe whoever painted this charming madonna was painting outside the lines of tradition. A pink gown and green veil? Almost a travesty.
But I like her. She is friendly. More of a friend you could chat with, complain about your husband and your children to rather than a Sacred Mother you'd pray to.
A Sister-Mother. A Mother-Friend.
A woman who would understand how annoying it is when you've had your hair done and put on your prettiest apron and made your husband's favorite meal and he didn't come home for hours and hours, preferring to sit at the bar and drink cervezas with those other stinkin' hombres rather than come home to YOU!
Yeah. This Our Lady would understand and click her tongue and laugh when you told her you threw the tamales right out the door for the chickens and went to bed and left the lights off and when he came in, he stumbled and broke his toe on the leg of the sofa.


  1. Uh Oh--did that happen....like recently? Sounds like me in the good ole days. Except they weren't so good.

  2. Hoping this is hypothetical Cozumel husband, not Mr. Moon. If not, hope his toe gets better fast.

    I did about 10 trips to Cozumel between 1978 and 1987 but never once went to your little village or saw the little church. And I'd even spent a windy day on the backside of the island. So I'm wondering if maybe the village, church and virgin appeared just for you...she looks like your kind of saint...

  3. My shoulders are shaking. Thank you for the goofy laugh.

  4. And she'd probably laugh as her little boy Jesus hides under her skirts when he's tired. Or something. I'm at that Madonna's kitchen table right now.

  5. Syd- Oh, not in my life. Well, my former life maybe, married to another man. Never Mr. Moon! He always comes home in a timely matter!

    Kathleen Scott- I promise you, El Cedral is a real place. There's a big festival there every year. Look it up! And Mr. Moon's toe is lovely.

    Elizabeth- You are welcome!

    Mwa- Exactly!

  6. That story made me chuckle. She is lovely.

  7. Bitch is fine. I dig her.

    Husbands are a pain in the ass.


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