Sunday, December 26, 2010


It is 8:12 a.m. the morning after Christmas. A Sunday. It's gray as hell out there and blowy. And cold. And there's a windchill factor of 30 degrees. I don't usually pay attention to that windchill factor but today I believe it.
And either I've slightly re-injured my leg or else it's about to rain. Sleet?
But so what?
Freddy calls.
Or, actually Facebooks. Whatever.
We're supposed to meet up here:

That's me in the middle. How cool is that?

We're supposed to finish up filming today. I hope his new ending includes some dark and foreboding weather.

I better go put on my make-up so I can look like this:

Yikes! I'm so old!
But who cares if I get to make faces like that?
I'll scare little children and frighten hardened criminals.

Fake believe.

I believe I love it.

Happy Sunday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You are still gorgeous.

    Very cool. I love you, Ms. Moon


  2. Happy Boxing Day Ms Moon

    P might be krankin up the Blog this the wisdom is going to flow,

    Hope we can carry on being pals

  3. You are the hottest freaking witch I've ever seen.

    And your Xmas looks like it was bee-yoo-tee-ful. My heart is full today too. So lovely to come visit you here and see all the Moons' love and beauty.

  4. I love labyrinths so much ~ that is a beautiful photo. There's a group here in town who makes a big labyrinth on the beach the first Sunday of every month. Anyone can come and walk through it. Then when the tide comes in, it's gone, kinda like what the Buddhist monks do!

  5. You look a bit like a beautiful lioness.

  6. You're so famous and cool. I love this stuff. You've got me all excited, like when a new Jodi Foster movie comes out.
    Witchy woman! I love it!!!
    Elizabeth is right, lioness.

    We're having a blizzard here!

  7. Yes, still gorgeous! The hair, the eyes, the lipstick, the smile!

    And Cassia is impressed by your moon picture, and why wouldn't she be :)

    wv: restesi

  8. that IS cool! Merry Christmas Mary Moon!

  9. Nice makeup. You look very much like a hippie woman who has been too close to a fire. Let it snow!

  10. Michelle- For an old woman...

    Stephanie- I did!

    Mr. P- We shall always be pals! Write on, dear man.

    Amna- And I am honored by your visit. Thank you.

    Nicol- COLD!

    lulumarie- That is the sort of thing I would never do but really think is pretty cool.

    Ms. Trouble- I thought of you when I was trying to invent make-up for my character. I wished you were here.

    Elizabeth- A very old one.

    Bethany- Oh. Lord. I am no Jodi Foster. A blizzard? Yikes!

    Jo- Freddy has a very good camera.
    And I have a decent one for moon shots.

    Maggie May- See- you have no idea what you'll be doing in twenty-one years. I certainly did not.

    Syd- Mmmm. Not sure how to answer that. But, I think I like it!

  11. You're freaking me out...just a little bit. If I ran into someone in the woods like that, I would run like hell!
    But how very cool to be playing this part.

  12. Mel's Way- It's funny. Because I am old enough now not to have a bunch of vanity about how I look, I find my face more amazing than I ever thought I could. This is MY face! I have earned it and it is fine with me.

  13. That looks like so much fun! And you do look like a gorgeous witch.

  14. Mwa- At least an interesting one, eh?


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