Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tiny Visitor

This little guy flew onto my porch from the dog door and proceeded to find his own tasty treat.

He is gettin' down on it:

Glad he found the dead roach before Owen did.


  1. What a cute little Carolina wren!

  2. Me too! Glad Owen didn't eat it, I mean.

  3. Baha, me and Cassia are lol-ing at your punchline!

  4. hey you have some kind of mean zoom on your camera....

  5. I love little bird-shaped visitors, I really do. I've just moved to a town where the only visitors to the garden are sparrows. And I'm used to wonderfully zippy blue-wrens. Do you think I should start chanting something to get more exotic little critters to come to my place and play?

  6. The song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" would go well with this post.

  7. It would be good to have a whole flock of them to eat the roaches. I am not fond of them.

  8. Do you know what that's called? It looks a bit like a thrush, but I'm in London, I know nothing about American birds.

    I do know that some guy let out breeding pairs of all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare plays so that America could hear the gorgeous songs of nightingales and larks... etc! Crazyguy!!

    I used to have a nightingale in the tree outside my house. He's in Africa now, on his holidays...

    A Carolina wren? I just read that up above. It's browner than our wrens. Is it really really tiny? Ours are some of the smallest birds we have

  9. The bird is cute...but that roach makes my skin crawl. I think I have to post the story of my Florida roach encounter.

  10. You caught that on camera! Magic!!!

  11. Carolina Wrens are great little birds to have around. I always thought of them as bouyant(sp?) spirits sent to brighten your day. I like them even even better now that I know they eat roaches.

  12. Lois- I think he may have been raised on this porch.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Eating a dead roach is a rite of passage for all children here in Florida.

    Stephanie- Isn't he?

    Jo- It's not so much a joke. But I'm glad I made you laugh.

    DTG- He sure did.

    Screamish- I do.

    n- Perhaps it is a seasonal thing. But chanting is good for many reasons so why not?

    Elizabeth- In Florida. With the roaches. Yes.

    Syd- I was thinking that. Could you train them?

    Gledwood- Yep. A Carolina Wren. They nest on the porch here. I would love to hear a nightingale.

    Mel's Way- I bet I can top your story but I'd love to hear it.

    Mwa- The wren was quite bold.

    Scott- I am with you 100%.


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