Monday, December 13, 2010

In Which Owen Proves He Is Fearless In The Face Of Evil Santa

All right. Here's Owen on a Monday afternoon at Grandmother's.
I completely suck at cinematography and I need a video card (I think?) and I sound ridiculous.
But Owen is Owen and here you go.



    interactive video!

  2. He is adorable and you certainly don't sound ridiculous. You sound like a beautiful, loving grandmother with a sweet, kind voice!

  3. He's such a sweetie! And advanced for his age! But you knew that...

  4. Much much much way way way tooo cute!

  5. Radish King- He escaped unharmed.

    lulumarie- DON'T TURN ON THE STOVE, OWEN! That's about as harsh as I get with him.

    Kathleen- Well. I think he is.

    Rebecca- He loves to kiss. Which makes me so happy.

  6. don't kiss santa's ass owen- don't kiss santa's ass! you'll do fine on cute alone -don't worry about being good for goodness sake!


  7. Owen is adorable, and Oh So Busy! You are a sweet grandma. I'd be freaking out about the stove and shrieking, because that's how I roll - Ms. Safety Patrol! You don't sound silly, no one sounds normal to themselves recorded. I can't stand to hear my voice, it is so different from what I hear in my head. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. Your dogs are as patient as you are, and Owen is as full of love and kisses as you are too. :)

  8. Just the energy required to keep up with him must be enormous. Glad that Santa still lives.

  9. I'm a little worried about Evil Santa's wiring. Or maybe his bulb is just a little loose from all the kissing?

    I miss that baby fine hair. Owen is SO cute!

  10. I like how he says "Pewl"

    As Mr. Lawrence would say, "he's a fine young man".


  11. Mrs. A- He just wanted to kiss Santa's face. And he is not worried about much, I tell you.

    Mel- He is SO busy. My Lord. I can barely keep up with him.

    Syd- Santa is fine. And yes, it takes a LOT of energy. But he gives back, you know. He fills me up.

    Ms. Trouble- Nah. He was just pulling Santa to the edge of the cord's abilities. All is well.

    Ms. Fleur- Yep. He is. Can you believe that Pearl has lived long enough for Owen to call her by name?

  12. Aw, I loved that.
    And your dogs are way tolerant. Wow.
    Owen, wow, I get it now, he is everywhere! I think I would snap right out of all my malaise if I was taking care of him, no time!
    Loved your post title.
    Owen kicked evil Santas ass really. Shut em right down.

  13. Oh I just love him! The way he says "baby" ... I just melted.

  14. I think I love your voice. It sounds like you.

  15. oh man did he just kiss that little baby doll? so cute...

    I'm glad to see you have the same oven issues as we girls are getting better (at two years old you'd hope so)

  16. Wonderful Owen, and you don't sound so bad at all, Ms Moon, just a doting grandmother.

  17. Somwhow I expected Evil Santa to be much bigger :)

    Cutey cutey boy :)

  18. Lora- He melts me regularly.

    Elizabeth- Pretty much. That's what I sound like.

    Screamish- I don't even try to child proof very much. I just follow him around every minute.

    Elisabeth- Doting I am.

    Jo- Seriously. Every year when I go get him from upstairs, I am SHOCKED at how tiny he is. Honestly, I always think he's at least three-feet tall.

  19. this made my day..
    you sound perfect.
    Owen is perfect.

    Isn't life great sometimes.

  20. deb- Yes. Life IS great sometimes.

    Bethany- I missed you. I'm sorry.
    Yep. It's hard to be in malaise when I'm trying to keep Owen alive, which means never stopping for one second. And the dogs are pretty tolerant. Especially old Pearl.


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