Sunday, November 1, 2015

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The humidity right now is 96%.
And it feels like it. I'm already sweating and I haven't done a damn thing. I can't believe it's almost November. It's supposed to get up to 85 degrees today.
The idea of getting back out into the garden seems impossible.

Oh god. I just feel dreary and heavy and old. Each one of my limbs weighs ten thousand pounds. My head weighs forty thousand pounds.
This guy is coming home.

And so is his grandfather. 

Jessie just posted this picture on Facebook:

She entitled it, "My little old man baby."

Doesn't he look just like a little old man with that cardigan (that his grandma Julia knit for him) and that receding hairline? 
Oh golly. Babies are just the best. I can't wait to nuzzle him. Lily and I agreed the other day that the best thing about babies is that you can kiss them all day long and they can't do a thing about it. Unlike three year olds who turn their faces and say, "No kisses!"

So. Jessie and Vergil had a wonderful time up on the mountain where Vergil's mom and stepdad live. They picked apples and made cider and hung out with the family and the leaves were turning and it was crisp and cool and I'm sure everything smelled of apples and woodsmoke. 

Getting back here is going to be some sort of huge disappointment. 
They'll be turning on their air conditioner and wishing they were back in the mountains. 
Vergil will be saying, "WHY do we live here?" 

Maybe we should all move to the mountains. 

Nah. I'd miss my funky Florida with its swamps and...okay, right at this second I can't think of a damn thing about Florida that I really like. It's hot and muggy and we have cockroaches the size of puppies, and snakes and alligators and crazy meth heads who eat the faces of homeless people, and a governor who looks like a sinister penis and drunken rabid football fans and condominiums that eat the beach, and sink holes that eat houses and interstates, and hurricanes and mosquitoes and biting gnats and horseflies and yellow flies and fire ants and...

I'll shut up. And also I will remember that if I had to drive down that mountain in snow ONE TIME I would end up in a gully and die. And that I really don't like cold weather. 
Crisp is good. Cold can bite my ass. 

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. We have been having such different weather for weeks! Today it's so rainy the ground is covered with standing water and a chill in the air.

  2. Excellent Florida advertisement today :)

    That is one little old man old man baby alright. Soon he'll be chubby and with a full head of hair, no doubt :) His cardie is beautiful.

  3. Love it! I'm currently in southern Florida and pretty much spend as much time as I can inside with the air conditioning on full blast. It's November and for some misguided reason I thought it would start being cooler during the day. Not a chance. And the bugs! Who knew there were so many bugs, in so many colors and with one mission in life - to bite you and make you itch.

  4. The photo of the little old man baby is divine. We welcomed a new baby boy to our family on Fruday night, a new grand nephew. He is perfect and breast feeding like there's no tomorrow. X

  5. Off topic:

    from Switzerland with love


  6. right? I had a boyfriend but we could never get together really. he was from the mountains and I was from the south coastal plains and neither of us could tolerate the climate of the other.

  7. You're family is in Lloyd, and you love that old house and those chickens and Maurice and I could go on and on with reasons why you live there. Glad the babies are coming HOME.

  8. There are so many reasons why I want to move from my god forsaken city but family is what keeps me here. What else is there?

  9. Denise- I love thinking about you traveling all over the place. That makes my heart happy.

    NOLA- Yes. My god. We are dry and hot. How can this be?

    Jo- His other grandmother is a true artist in so many ways. Isn't that just the most beautiful little sweater?

    Ellen- Welcome to Florida! I'm sorry. Try to get to the beach. That'll make everything better.

    Elizabeth- It sort of was. For you?

    Leisha- That's what I love to hear!

    Regine Franck- Wouldn't that just be the best? I mean...can you imagine if all of the Beatles were still alive and making a new album? May it be so! From Keith's mouth to GOD's ear!

    Ellen Abbott- I am so grateful that Jessie and Vergil have worked this one out. I know that it means that they will be spending time in the mountains and although I could never live there, it's a nice place to visit.

    Angella- Oh yes. Now I remember. Thank you, love!

    Birdie- Same here. Same here. Exactly.

  10. I'd melt in that humidity and my hair would look like shit.
    It's trying to snow here right now.

  11. Heartinhand- I am melting and my hair does look like shit.

    Steve Reed- I thought that was a good line. I'm glad you liked it. It is also the truth.


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