Monday, November 2, 2015

I Believe That Rest May Be Called For

The sheets are hanging on the line and blowing in the stiff breeze like the pale blue flags of the Kingdom of Sleep. The humidity is down to a reasonable 70% and it's only 84 degrees (feels like 92) according to the weather widget.
Feels like hell to me. I took a walk and thought I might die but I did not and came back to hang the sheets, sweet rolling down my back like my own tiny river of personal juices.

I think I may lay on the couch for the rest of the day.

This old lady has hit the wall.


  1. I think that sounds like a divine idea and I hope you do it.

  2. Already getting pretty chilly here. I'll trade you a bit of this for a bit of that.

    Good rest.

  3. I'm sitting in the shade in sunny, hot, humid Palmetto, Florida waiting to hear how long our truck will be in the Chevy hospital. No A/C is NOT conducive to a Happy Catrina! Take that nap!

  4. Sometimes it is just like that, you hit a wall. Have a rest. Humidity is tiring but I suppose living in Florida it is something you get accustomed to. Hope you are fighting fit after a rest x

  5. Angella- I did and Lord, did I need it!

    Liv- Too bad we can't like mix the two and get a reasonable temperature.

    Catrina- Yep. No AC in cars in Florida is not a good thing. At all.

    Leisha- I had lots of good rest today. And yes, I suppose are acclimated somewhat but I worked in that garden three days in a row and then today had a pretty good walk. That was it for me.

  6. Ugh. That is TOO WARM for November, even in Florida!

  7. How do you do it? Summer is the worst time of the year for me here, and it sounds like your late fall to me ... we always say (being Maritimers) it's not the heat, it's the humidity. I imagine you say that a lot, too.


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