Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Tiny, Huge, Very Full Life

Well. Hmmm...
All is well. All is very well. My evening did not end up quite like I thought it would and it was fabulous!
I can't talk about it. I'm going to be mysterious and shit.
Martinis were involved. As was the Great British Bake-Off.
Are you intrigued?
Sorry. Not telling.

Anyway, so good morning. Vergil went hunting this morning and shot his first deer and he is out in the garage as we speak, cleaning it. He was determined that August should grow up with deer in the freezer that his daddy provided and so he has made that happen. Lily and Jessie and the boys are on their way out and we may go to the Jefferson County Fair and Barbecue Cook Off which is being held right down the street at the Truck Stop in what is being called the Lloyd Arena which I find hysterical because honestly, it's just part of the huge amount of pavement down there but it might be fun. Do you think Owen would enjoy participating in the greased pig contest?
What? Is that even legal?
Oh. Who knows? The most important question is- will we get to eat any of that barbecue, that pound cake?
And after all of that, we might process some North Carolina apples. I am not exactly sure what that means but whatever it means, we might do it.

And so here I am, on a Saturday in November and it is still hot and muggy and Miss Camellia is looking ready for the stew pot although she is still alive and it has been a lovely, busy day already and Lily's supper last night was fabulous. She made a sort of Low Country boil with shrimps and crabs and sausage and corn and potatoes. My bread was good. I sat next to Owen who ate about eight crab legs and a piece of bread. Jason, who was serving the corn asked Owen if he wanted a piece.
"No," said Owen. "I don't like corn."
"Yes you do," said his daddy.
"No he doesn't," said his mama.
I love seeing this family in their new house. So much room, so much space, such a beautiful place.

Okay. Here's a picture I stole off Facebook.

Mr. Moon is missing all the fun.

And I see in the news that our president has nixed the Keystone Pipeline and that Ben Carson's wobbly house of cards is falling and that the Mormon Powers That Be hate gays so much that if two gay people live together, even under their legal married rights, their children can't be blessed or baptized in the faith until they turn eighteen and renounce their parents' sins.

You probably already knew all of this.

Good news/bad news. Sanity/insanity.

I'm just enjoying my life today. I hope you are enjoying yours.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ah, mamas know best.

    So, what, are you having an affair with Silver Fox Paul Hollywood? Why aren't you telling??

  2. I LOVE The Great British Bake Off! It's my new favorite show!

  3. GOOD saved from the Mormon cult!Let's everybody be GAY!

  4. I'm waiting for the new series of bake off. At the moment we have the Australian series but I do love Mary Berry and Mel and Sue. Glad you had a great night , as deeply mysterious as it was x

  5. Try, everyone, they have it on there.

  6. I did not know that about the Mormon's. And now I wish I didn't.

  7. Jo- Ha! But he is a cutie. Nah, it's just not my story to tell.

    Jennifer- Isn't it a breath of real fresh air?

    Linda Sue- It's so funny. When I was a kid, I had a friend named Linda Sue who WAS a Mormon. I'm not kidding you. You're not her are you?

    Leisha- DEEPLY mysterious! And simply wild! (just kidding.) Mary Berry. You can't make that shit up.

    Jo- Awesome! Thank you, love!

    Birdie- Which part didn't you know?

  8. LOL -- well, that IS mysterious! I'm glad it was fabulous, though, and I will leave it at that. :)

    Those Mormons. They're a piece of work. You'd think if they truly believed all that stuff the souls of the children would trump the transgressions of the parents. They're just trying to coerce people into behaving the way they want them to, which is what religions everywhere do and it drives me CRAZY.

  9. Steve Reed- Exactly. You and I are definitely on the same page with the religion thing.

  10. I didn't know that they have children of gay people have to renounce their parents sins. I find that so very disturbing. And yet, their church is growing.


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