Monday, November 30, 2015

Sometimes I Just Have To Wonder About My Brain

Ugh. Horrible night of sleep. Dreaming I was dreaming and thus, just below consciousness.
Which was better than the dream where I was washing my baby's ears and there were endless colorful little salamanders in them.
I guess they were salamanders.

Speaking of babies, I'm about to to to town to accompany Jessie and Gus to the doctor for his check up. I can't wait to see how much he weighs now.
I hope they don't find any salamanders in his ears.
Colorful or otherwise.

Happy Monday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, the dreams you have! I know done positively horrible but done are just so darn funny! How do you dream such crazy stuff :) I very seldom remember my dreams...although when I was younger, they were easier to recall. Can't wait to hear how little August is progressing...on the scales...he looks amazing in his pictures!

  2. I HATE this bloody auto changes what I type without my permission...I said, I know some of the dreams you have are horrible, but others are so funny! I ought to check beforehand. Hugs xx

  3. Yes, we need to know what Gus weighs! And every other detail!

  4. Enjoy your well baby visit with little Gus. There will be no salamanders now or ever in his ears. I promise.

  5. Isn't it just incredible what our brains can make up, if we let them!!!!! I have heard of earworms, mind you.... :)

  6. I have dandelions still thriving and throwing off seeds. Global warming.

  7. I am slowly weaning off all my medications because I don't think they are working, not really. I am still depressed and anxious but I am depressed and anxious with medication running through my system anyway. I am going off *very* slowly and under my doctor's care. I am hoping that I can grasp more onto Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Compassion and Play. So far the only problem is weird dreams. In the dreams I am doing, doing, doing whatever it is that needs to be done. I wake up exhausted. It will take a few months but I have been on medication now for years and years. It is time to try something different.
    I had a point to this comment but now I forget..

  8. Desiree- I know. My dreams are entertaining, at the very least. And the doctor said to Jessie today, "Looks like you got a healthy one there!" So, all is well.

    jenny_o- All of that AND a picture!

    Angella- Oh dear god, I hope not. They were pretty cute salamanders though, I have to say.

    Jenny Woolf- I've heard of earworms too but ear-salamanders?

    Not Blank- I am afraid you are completely right.

    Birdie- Well, that was a fine comment anyway. Please let us know how it goes. At this point, I am admittedly afraid to go off my medication. I know it doesn't keep me from ever being depressed or anxious but at least I am functional and can live with the levels of both I experience. Mostly. So, for now, I'm sticking with it. I wish you all the best of luck with your weaning. It can be difficult.


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