Friday, November 13, 2015

A Grandmother's Prayer

Dear Grandmother Goddess,

Please pray for me now and at the hour of their bedtime. Let them sleep deeply and well and please don't let the little one keep me up half the night because you know if he does, I won't be worth shit tomorrow and also, I will be cranky and NOT A GOOD GRANDMOTHER AND IT'LL BE YOUR FAULT.



  1. I hear you Mer, disturbed sleep can turn me into such a snappy shit. I hope you are all blessed with a deep sleep. I slept deeply last night after staying up and finishing reports for work. I was cross eyed I was so tired, it was a good feeling knowing that it was all finished though.

  2. I loved sleeping at my grandparents home but I do clearly remember being awake for a good part of it. One of my grandmas had one of those Styrofoam heads which held her wig and she took her teeth out. A horrifyingly fascinating thing for a small child. And my grandpa had "gas" and could be heard and smelled everywhere in their tiny home. Wonderful entertainment for a small child!

  3. You are adorable as are your little ones. Those photos of Gibson were so precious but I'm sure you need your Friday martini about now. You are in my thoughts.

  4. I am sure that the boys and you will enjoy yourselves thoroughly, despite the fact that you lack the "fascinations" of Birdie's dear grandparents, lol.

    If you were at all like my mother you would have Owen trained by now in how to make a martini just the way you like it.

    I hope I am like you when (and if!) I ever become a grandma.



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