Monday, November 16, 2015

I've Been In Better Moods

A quiet day in all regards, toilets scrubbed and hen house cleaned.
I will make no claims about it being a poopy day.

Draw your own conclusions.

Because I could not force myself to get into the car and drive to town, I am going to make a tuna casserole for our supper tonight. Comfort food? Oh, it truly would be if I had some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the blue box. But I do not and so I will have to make my own with onions and celery and noodles and cheese, etc.
I also do not have any potato chips to crunch up and put on top.

The mood I'm in, I'd cut up hotdogs and cook them with a can of baked beans but I do have a shred of decency left in me. Please don't ask me why I have hotdogs in the house.

Whoa, come to think of it, I don't have any Campbell's Cream Of anything soup.
Will this even qualify as a tuna casserole?
Yes. Yes it will because I have some baby peas.

My husband is a lucky man, right?
(He hates peas.)

Why does the gray feral cat want me to pet her? Why is she still alive?

These and many more questions are floating to the top of the dregs of this thing I call a consciousness tonight.

Tomorrow will be better. It fucking better be.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I loved tuna casserole when I was a kid - with crunchy anything on top. And I love peas. And any cat is a good cat In my book. So your day is pretty fab to me. Clean toilets and all.

  2. Jeeze, lady, ya got the tuna casserole blues.

    I don't understand why people don't like peas. Little green orbs of sweet goodness.

  3. I hate peas but I love the socks off you and you know I'd join you in a gigantic bowl of blue box Mac 'N Cheese with a wad of sour cream tossed in for good measure. Damn I know better than to read here when I'm hungry.

  4. There was a period during my childhood when my best friend and I adored making a supper of hot dogs and baked beans,
    which we ate in her basement while pretending we were cowboys. She became one, actually.

  5. I do love hot dogs. Load it with mustard and onions.... Mmmmmm!

  6. LOVE tuna casserole. The potato chips on the top are the best part!

    A gray feral cat adopted me once - it was the best cat I ever had!!

  7. Dave actually WANTS hot dogs cut up with baked beans sometimes. Comfort food, as you said. I draw the line at Campbell's cream soups, though. (I'm not even sure we can get them here, which isn't a bad thing.)

  8. I tried to do the most basic yoga stretch this morning and only got halfway through when I felt a pain instead of an ache. bah. so yah, I'm in a grumpy mood and probably will be for several weeks.

  9. Some days I simply want to pull the covers over my head. But today luckily is not one of them. I've had a good run of good days lately. Hope that you will also.


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