Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cats And Beans, Thoughts On War

Still gray and one wonders if the sun is still up there at all or just a dying myth. I'm not taking a walk AGAIN and I have no excuse except that I have to be in town at noon and decided to just do some chores around here instead and I am going to go to hell and die a fat, unexercised old woman.
So be it.
For today at least.

Maurice did come home and she spent a lot of the night with me because it's chilly and that's when she sleeps in the bed, forsaking her woodland activities for cuddles. My ancient, used-to-be-feral cat Luna has decided to be a porch cat, if not a house cat, and last night I gave up and folded an old towel to make her a bed of sorts on the table where she sleeps for approximately twenty-three and one-half hours a day now. Persistence pays off, I suppose.

I am bringing some pinto beans to a boil and will then turn them off and let them soak and swell until I get back later this afternoon to cook. I do want to eat some in one of my new bowls which I now realize were made in China rather than in Portugal but I don't care. They are pretty no matter where they came from.

I have rugs in the washer and have done some sweeping and putting away of laundry and will soon put on something to wear to town and I'll put in the earrings that Owen picked out for my birthday because he notices things like that. He has no school today because it is Veterans Day which I am sure you realize. I never know what to say about Veterans Day except that I wish that no one ever had to go to war because I don't believe in war and the whole thing just makes me sad.
The generals and leaders decide, the soldiers get sent and die or are injured and none of them comes back the same.
If we were still having to kill the wooly mammoth, the saber-toothed tiger, war would probably not be such an issue although who knows? The people in the north-side caves would probably want the caves on the south-side and the old men would tell the young men to go and kill those heathen south-side cave dwellers in the name of ORK or some other godname and then the women would be stuck with the dead and dying once again, their pantries empty of mammoth, their children crying, their tears falling.

Well. So much for that.

I don't have any mammoth either but I have plenty of other food and beautiful rooster bowls to eat it out of. I am lucky.

And so it goes.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Lovely post for Veterans Day and I feel about it exactly as you describe.

    I plan to take a good walk with my dog's here in a minute. I have to go to work later and some time spent outdoors, appreciating the sunshine and fresh air and just being alive, seems like a fitting way to remember all the lovely things that war takes away from us. I wonder if humans will EVER learn.

  2. Jennifer- In our culture, if you DARE to not thank our veterans for their service, you are perceived as some sort of horrible person. I don't not appreciate the service of those men and women but oh! how I long for a day when service means helping, supporting, and no weapons. "And they will beat their swords into plowshares."
    At the same time, I doubt it will ever happen.

  3. It is chilling for us in Europe to see this huge tide of refugees which does not stop coming even with the winter coming on and nowhere to sleep. What are they fleeing from? We know but obviously can't really imagine. Not for real.

  4. It's now evening, and I'm glad Veteran's Day is over so we can stop thanking people for their war service and ultimate sacrifices.

  5. It's now evening, and I'm glad Veteran's Day is over so we can stop thanking people for their war service and ultimate sacrifices.

  6. Yeah, I'm pretty much people were fighting even at the beginning of time. (Or people-time, anyway.)

    It's funny how bowls from China somehow don't sound as nice as bowls from Portugal, and yet they're the same bowls. :) We humans have lots of funny ideas, don't we?


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