Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chain Saws, Literary Murders, Chicken Soup. In Short, Sunday

It's gray/drizzle/wet/cooler here today and I got a text from Mr. Moon this morning that he was on his way home for a few days to let the weather in Georgia settle down and so of course I've already done all the things this morning that I have been putting off out of the attitude of who cares? such as taking the trash and recycle and putting the sheets in the wash and I also have the chicken carcass from the chicken I roasted last Tuesday night and have been eating from ever since, simmering for soup.
Back to wifely duties, as it were.
A tiny bit of me sighed when I took the book I've been reading off of Mr. Moon's side of the bed where it waits for me every day to return to it every night. I am almost done with it and last night I set it down with deliberate intention although I could have read way, way late into the early morning and it's at the point where everything is FUBAR and scary in all ways, emotionally and bloodily and ROBIN, YOU AREN'T GOING TO MARRY MATTHEW ARE YOU? NO, YOU CANNOT! and so forth.
I am saving it.

It turns out that all of the chain-sawing and tree-cutting I heard the other day was coming from next door where my new neighbor lives. He hired a crew with a crane and they took out several old pecan trees and a pine or two and have trimmed the huge magnolia and that's all fine. He wants to get more sun in his yard so that he can grow fruit trees and other things (I talked to him) which I understand for sure and he is not touching the huge oak or the old camellias. But his yard is now a jungle of downed trees and shrubs and he has a chipper to turn it all into mulch and so the noise continues and even now in the rain, he is plying his chain saw.
He's a worker. I have to give the boy that. He has a vision and he's working hard to bring it to fruition. He's full of new ideas about agriculture and planting techniques and I'm reminded of when we thought geodesic domes would be the homes of the future but hey- I could probably learn a few things from him.

So it's Sunday and now the rain is coming down harder and it will be nice to have the hunter home for a few days. We can eat soup and cuddle and stay in from the rain today. I know he will be happy to have his own bed, his own chair, his wife with her pots and pans and soup and bread.
This week is going to be busy with boys and next weekend they are staying with me so that their parents can get a much-needed getaway to a wedding in Savannah so it will be nice to rest up and restore today.

What are you doing on this Sabbath?
For your neighbors' sake, I hope it does not involve a chain saw.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. Definitely no chain saws here. I always hate it when people cut down pines. They're the weeds of the tree world, at least in Florida, but they're so beautiful and so good for the woodpeckers and other critters.

    Glad Mr. Moon is coming home for a spell, even if that put a rush on your household duties!

  2. The rain and the soup and the cuddling and all of it sound wonderful. Have a great Sunday --

  3. I'm at work, as usual. But we're having a weekend long Mini Maker's Faire at the bookstore where I work. Lucky me, I get to man the station in the children's department where we're building Legos and making toy cars out of cardboard boxes and putting together curcuit boards that power small flying saucers ---so for once I'm having fun! :)

  4. Down here near the Gulf Coast, hubby and I went to the Mexican flea market where I bought some luscious fruit and lovely tomatoes. It started raining, and about fifty feet from our truck the deluge began. We ran, the bags broke, and I chased tomatoes, mangoes and oranges through the various puddles. I'm sure I made it a memorable afernoon for a lot of people!

  5. My neighbor's are cutting their grass/weeds with a weedeater, it was so high they got a notice from the county. I didn't call on them but someone must have. It will look better. Gail

  6. I had a lovely Sunday afternoon tea with my family and my niece and her new baby boy. I made scones which we ate with jam and cream. I cuddled that baby till my arms ached. So it was a great weekend x

  7. Sometimes bad weather can be nice and cosy. So long as there is not too much of it!

  8. I'm recovering from the Festival and dealing with regular life. Thank god the rains held off until today!

  9. I went to my mom's house and scrubbed her kitchen/living room floor...paying special attention to the nasty bits under the cuboard, stove and and wood stove. After that Costco happened, which is an experience we do not often have, whew! Went to my fave Bargain Boutique, where Liam Nieson has waited for his wife more than once I am told, to recover balance...Eating 'chicken stock rice' for supper.

  10. Soup sounds good. Even better with homemade bread. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  11. You wouldn't approve, but I went to the shopping centre, in the crowds. Bought socks and lovely lounge pants and ate a meal in our version of Japanica! I suspect which was so gorgeous I might blog about it.

  12. Steve Reed- I agree. I love pine trees. But young people- what can you say? Maybe Lloyd needs a little new blood.
    It's been good to have the husband home. Seriously.

    Elizabeth- I really have. Thank you, darling.

    Jennifer- That sounds like Big Fun. I'm glad that was your assignment today. My grands would have loved that.

    Catrina- Oh my. Golly but I would love a Mexican flea market. Do they sell candles and such? I hope your fruit wasn't much hurt in its escape efforts.

    Gail- Weed eaters make too much noise too. But...whatever.

    Leisha- Sounds perfect! I need to learn to make scones. I really think they would be delicious.

    Jenny Woolf- Yes. Exactly.

    Hank- You guys are like Sweet Haven. God must love you.

    Big Mamabird- When will I reach the age when my children come and scrub my kitchen floor? Liam? Really?

    jenny_o- I have!

    Jo- I would not disapprove of that. Not one bit!

  13. I love the Cormoran Strike series. J K Rowling is a wonder. There is so much understanding of human nature in her writing!

    Your Sunday sounded heavenly.

  14. It's against the law to even mow the lawns over here on a Sunday. You have to get it done on Saturday.

  15. Joan- I can't believe how well she's taken on the crime-novel genre.

    Mwa- How very, very civilized!

  16. We did chain saw for a while on Sunday until the rain came down hard. And then I rested and read on a book called the American Slave Coast. A book that definitely indicates we humans are so inhumane.


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