Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I have spent all day cooking with very little to show for it. I probably could have done everything I did in three hours instead of the eight it took me if I hadn't been so spaced out.
It's a real thing, y'all.
Anyway, that picture shows the pecan pie recipes I use every Thanksgiving, both of them recipes from Mrs. M, or Granny Matthews, to be more specific. I have spoken of her often on this blog so I will simply say that she was the first real cook I ever observed and at least 50% of my cooking skills come from watching her in the kitchen as she moved slowly from pot to pan, sprinkling this, adding that, usually wearing her nylon negligee set and with a cigarette ever-present, dangling from her lips.

Here are my pies.

Regular pecan and chocolate.

I did not go to Monticello but drove down to the intersection of Highway 27 and Chaires Crossroad where I had seen a guy set up selling collards earlier in the week. I figured that way I wouldn't have to put on a bra. Turned out to be a good decision.
Here, my friends, is what we might call "a mess of greens."

I also bought two sweet potatoes, both rather huge. I was only going to buy one to chop up into the bean and sausage soup I have been cooking all day in the crock pot but the greens man and another guy who was there laughed at me. 
"One?" they asked incredulously. 
"Okay. Two," I said. 
They laughed some more. 
For all of this I paid $3.50. 
It was the highlight of my day. 

Peace, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. My girl arrives tonight, with friends. My niece arrives tomorrow, with friends. My cousin and her girls also come tomorrow. We have 23 people this year. Did I ever mention how small nyc apartments are? I'm hyperventilating a bit already.

  2. wait, not 23 people sleeping over. Just 6 people in addition to us 4, that's 10 in all staying over. Still a lot.

  3. your pies are beautiful and the recipes......I had to smile. The cranberry relish recipe I make each year (Moms) is made from Moms original hand written recipe..... probably 30 years old, paper crumbling and stained...... I love it! My first *holiday* without Mom...... yet using her crumbled and stained recipe brings me mostly smiles and fond memories....as I'm sure do your Granny Matthews recipes
    Susan M

  4. Your pies look excellent. How do you tell which one is chocolate? They look alike to me. I don't care. I'd eat either one :) Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

  5. Collard greens are so delicious. I had never even tasted them until about a year ago. Had no idea what I was missing!

  6. Your pies look delicious! I'm supposed to make mashed potatoes but today the host told me she'd buy them at Costco so I took the lazy way out and said ok do that and I'll pay. I can't see you ever doing that. Now I have 6 lbs of potatoes in my possession...

  7. I would love some collard greens with fried cornbread to go along with them. My husband won't eat them and they're so much trouble for only 1 person that I rarely get any. :(

  8. I've started putting a sweet potato into the beef stew that I make for the boys. Lots of red wine, too. It's delicious, and a nice change from the regular potato. I do love your food and recipe posts, Mary. Sometimes I even print them out!

  9. I hear you Mary!! I am amazed at how much time I spend in the kitchen for what at times seems a minimal result. Gosh those pies look good. I love all these Thanksgiving recipes. Being an Australian we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I find it fascinating. I guess it is fascinating when I don't have to do all the cooking etc. I would rather like to be eating all this good Thanksgiving food though.....

  10. PS, I hate wearing a bra so I hear you about avoiding them. It's so bloody hot here wearing a bra is horrible.

  11. We had collard greens when staying with friends in Florida. Delicious! And I am a sucker for pecans. I wish you'd send one of your pies over here!

  12. Those greens just make me crazy. I love greens and we can't easily get 'em here.

    I wonder how much of Granny M's cigarette ash wound up in the food? :)

  13. Angella- I am so glad you went on to say that not everyone was staying with you. I almost passed out just imagining twenty three people lining the floors of your apartment. Ten is still an awful lot. Oh dear woman.

    Susan M- Yes! They do bring back sweet memories. Granny M was a good woman.

    Jenny_o- You can tell if you look at them side-by-side. I promise.

    A- I'll put collards up against kale any day of the week.

    Joanne- That's hysterical! Well, luckily potatoes last quite a while.

    Jennifer- Make some for yourself and eat them until you're done. Throw the rest out. You are worth it!

    Elizabeth- The collards guy and the other guy and I talked about using sweet potatoes instead of white in soups and stews. One of them said, "Yeah. They're doing that now."
    I encouraged them to try it.

    Leisha- Thanksgiving can be truly overkill. I mean- how much can one person eat?

    Jenny Woolf- Overnight pecan pie delivery?

    Steve Reed- You should try growing a few collards in your back yard next year! As to the ashes- who knows? They blended in well.

  14. uh, excuse me, part of the pecan pie recipe is missing.

  15. Dear god. That is a LOT of greens!


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