Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Diary Of A Hunting Widow

Mr. Moon left this foggy morning before eight. He came in and hugged me while I was still abed in that dreamy place between sleep and awakeness.
"What will you do for ten days?" I asked him.
"Hunt and hunt and hunt. And miss you."
Harumph, I thought.
"I love you," I said. "Be careful."
And he was gone, the mist closing over his truck before he got an eighth of a mile down the road.
I am just imagining that. I didn't actually get out of bed to see.

Now I'm up and have had a bowl of delicious grapenuts with half a banana and have let the chickens out.

I took the real camera out for some pictures. It's not that photogenic here today between the fog and the general dismal air of a fall with no fall-like characteristics. The Rubber Maid cart rain gauge says we've gotten about half a foot of rain in the past two days.

Probably not too scientific. 
The garden seems happy though. 

The trees are dropping branches from small to sea-creature sized.

And fungus abounds.

Anything that is flowering is either laid down from the draught we had or the rain we've just gotten.

So what am I going to do while Mr. Moon is gone? 
I could eat a Marie Callender's chicken pot pie every night. 

And walk for eight hours a day to work off the calories. 

I could lay in bed and read all day. 
I could go and get my phone fixed because I'm sort of over the whole insurance replacement thing.
I could go buy flannel and make Lily's baby's quilt.
I could knit that baby blanket. Oh wait. That would require ten years. Not ten days. 
I could learn how to Netflix binge.
I could write a novel.
I could clean out the kitchen cabinets. 
I could clean the refrigerator.
I could change the sheets on my bed every damn day. 
I could...
I don't know. I'll tell you one thing I am definitely not doing. 
Cooking this:

Have you ever? 
That's a trumpet squash that Vergil's mother grew. I swear to you, it must weigh twenty pounds. I looked up the directions on how to cook them and as one might expect, they all start with "peel and remove seeds and cut into chunks."
That could definitely keep me occupied for a few days. 

Well, whatever I do or don't do, I'm sure that I'll tell you all about it. Right now I better go take a walk. I'm going to go stay with Gibson for a little while this afternoon and then we'll go pick up Owen. If I'm in a fabulous mood by then, I may take them to the Bad Girls Who Found Jesus Thriftstore to buy something we don't need. 

And then come home and drink all the vodka.

Probably not. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. my husband never goes anywhere. well, he did go into the city yesterday for a supply run. and never overnight. I wouldn't mind a few days at home by myself. I wouldn't do any house cleaning though. or I might.

  2. I would goddamn give that squash back to the garden.

    ps. I was going to clean one shelf a side shelf in my refrigerator today but I have no paper towels so that rooster sauce that spilled out will just have to harden there and live there forever and ever.

  3. Don't do housecleaning unless it brings you joy. Do everything that brings you joy. Then you will feel like both you and the Mr. had a good time :)

    And don't drink all the vodka at once. The next day would not bring you joy. Well, if it was me drinking it, it sure wouldn't.

  4. That squash need to be named! Maybe make a HUGE squash soup with it?

    Yes to changing the sheets everyday.

  5. Funny how the addition - or subtraction - of one person, however loved,can change the climate. Suddenly there's a whole playing-hookey phenomenon going on.
    Who knows? Mrs. Callender may only improve with a splash of vodka.

  6. Ellen Abbott- Oh. Don't get me wrong. I love my time alone. I do.

    Rebecca- I am thinking you are right. It would be fun to grow such a crazy vegetable, simply as, well, I would feel so accomplished and gardeny.
    When I clean my refrigerator, I take everything out and all of the shelves and bins and those I wash in warm soapy water and then let them drain on newspapers on the floor and then I cry, trying to put it all back in the way it's supposed to go.

    jenny_o- No worries. I will not drink all the vodka. Nor do much housekeeping, to tell you the truth.

    Birdie- I think I am going to name the squash "Boyfriend of Mrs. King Kong."
    How's that?

    Marty Damon- You are probably right.

  7. I was thinking something along the same lines but didn't want to be the first to say it.

  8. Any and all of those things sound great, except maybe the squash. I don't like looking at squash like that. Call me a prude.

  9. Grape nuts! I haven't seen or eaten them for more than 40 years, but how vividly I remembered them, reading your words! It was great to see how your veggie garden is coming along. I was going to request a photographic update ;) many possibilities of what to do with 10 whole days to oneself...sometimes opting to do nothing at all is the most fulfilling option :)

  10. I have 14 days of that solitude every 14 days. When I don't have it, I miss it fiercely. I'm missing it right now. Add in social obligations and a period and I'm damn near crazy.
    That squash should have its own website. Maybe you could make it an outfit? Lol you know, so it's not running around naked, freaking people out.


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