Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Report

I'm not even going to try and kid you. I am exhausted. Yeah, I went to sleep at 10:30 and didn't get up until 9:00 but let me point out that an extremely snuggly child and a cat both slept on me all night, the child insisting about every hour that he needed more snuggling and also, water. And where was I and that he needed me.
Yes. This is so sweet. Of course it is. And I have never in my life met a child who can snuggle the way Gibson can. He is Prince Snuggles. He can contort that little body into the perfect shape to fit right into your body. He's like memory foam. He's a 43 pound child made from memory foam. He wants both of your arms around him and he wants his head on your shoulder.
Which is so lovely.
Unless you're trying to, you know, sleep.
Maurice spent the night leaned up against my legs and that was no problem but when we got up this morning, I realized that I was sleeping on about six inches of bed. There were two yards of bed on the other side of Gibson.
Anyway, we all got up and had waffles again. Why not? Waffles are tasty and easy to make.
And now Boppy and the boys are outside, burning the great and mighty pile of branches and logs that have fallen and which we have collected over the past few months. It's sort of damp so I feel certain that propellent, as Mr. Moon calls it, is being used. I don't even want to know.
I'd go take a picture but that would take too much energy.

The Mama and the Daddy will be here in a few hours to pick them up and I hope that they had the very best time. It is a firm belief of mine that one of the best things for a family is that the adults in it take time for themselves and to renew themselves as a couple. In short- to take a break from all of the work and the routine and the demands to remember why they got together in the first place.
And I have come to understand that it is also good for the grandparents to step in and be the ones to take over those demands and routine long enough to be reminded of what all they did when they were young. All of the hard work and lack of sleep and yes, the snuggles and incredibly funny things children say and the rewards of it.

Speaking of rewards, once again, I stole a picture off Facebook.

There's our August, smiling at his mama this morning. Look at those eyes!

All right. Here's another.

Well, I hear fire crackling and wood snapping and I feel certain that I'll soon feel the heat from here.
Oh god. The flames.
This is so much more exciting than making cookies and playing the matching game could ever be.
Thank god for grandfathers. And fathers. And mothers. And children.
And yes, grandmothers, who do their best.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, my! Those eyes can melt your heart!

  2. I am not a Grandparent yet, but I look forward to all the love you describe. August is growing fast. What is propellant? It sounds scary. Gail

  3. I can so see Vergil's face in August!

  4. You're the best mother and grandmother I can possibly imagine. And those pictures of August are magical!

  5. Nothing less than heroic. But then you look into August's eyes..

  6. Goodness, goodness that baby is too sweet. My sister had a baby last week, and I am over the moon that I get to visit babyland whenever I want.

  7. Oh dear little August, such a sweet little face. I hope you sleep well tonight my dear x

  8. Wow, August has woken up! Bing!

  9. LOL -- those are great pictures. :)

  10. Birdie- I know! I need to see that boy.

    Gail- I think it may be something like "gasoline." Haha!

    Liv- Me too!

    Elizabeth- Isn't he a wonder?

    Marty Damon- Yes. That is why we do it all.

    Lora- Isn't it wonderful? Enjoy!

    Leisha- I did!

    Jo- Indeed!

    Steve Reed- Isn't he a goofy little beauty?

  11. I can't say this on my blog so I'll say it in a whisper here: Last night i looked over at my son and his girlfriend making us all chicken parm for dinner, and I said to my husband, "we're going to have adorable grandchildren." he just laughed and shook his head at my foolishness because he never counts those chickens till they're running around the yard and I don't want to rush things of course, but I can hardly wait.

    Look at how aware and present August is! So fast!


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