Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thank-You, Rain

It is still raining. The sort of rain that makes you believe just the slightest that the Noah story could have been true. It is the sort of rain that sounds exactly right- as if this is the sound that we will hear for the rest of our days and nights. That constant and insistent.

But it's nice. And it's so much cooler. Not cold, but cool. Definitely not crisp but a break from the infernal heat we've been experiencing. Instead of it being eighty degrees in the hallway, it is sixty-eight. So, perfect for having my husband home for cuddles and cooking soup and putting on the Goodwill cashmere. I simmered chicken all day long and have added garlic and onions and celery and green beans and carrots and red cabbage and thyme and soy sauce and a bit of brown rice. When it's almost time to eat, I will squeeze a lemon in there too. Once again I have focaccia rising (so easy to make, so quick to rise) and I think I will chop some tomatoes and olives to go on top before I bake it and perhaps grate a bit of asiago cheese on it too. Basil? Why not?

Sundays should be like this. Little chores and slow cooking. Welcome home kisses and slow, long-time loving. Rain to make staying in and doing nothing a joy rather than a source for guilt. Time for appreciation of that which we have, letting that-which-we-should-be-doing go for a moment or two. A weather enforced day of pleasure and napping, appreciating and enjoying.

If I were a religious woman, I would say that my god would approve. At any rate, I certainly do.


  1. It sounds like the perfect day, and the perfect practice of being human. Walking worship of being in the world.

  2. I think you were going to send me your foccacia recipe. And whenever I read about your cooking I think you should self-publish a little Mary Moon Cookbook. I bet it'd sell like hotcakes.

  3. I agree about the Mary Moon cookbook! Id give everyone as gifts! And don't you just love that kind of rain that makes you feel there is nowhere you need to be but cozy at home.

  4. I love your posts about your cooking, I just want to be eating what you are cooking.

  5. I always leave hungry when I visit your blog home! I second the suggestion of your publishing a recipe book...interspersed with little snippets of your homely wisdom and pictures of your chickens and veggie garden.

  6. I like Jo's comment. Couldn't have said it better.

  7. Elizabeth- It's sort of hard to translate how I cook to written instructions. I'll send you that recipe!

    Angella- Yes. It's very guilt-reducing!

    Leisha- Last night's supper was stellar. I have to say.

    Desiree- I'll think about it. Thank you.

    Steve Reed- Walking meditation.

    Ellen Abbott- It really was.

  8. I'm so tired of rain. It's rained here for weeks on end. I need a couple of days filled with sunshine....these short, dreary days are depressing to me.

  9. The rain seems to flood our already saturated ground here. Streets and roads are flooded. The old city is going to be a mess with sea level rise. But I do like the cool days and nights. We have had heat and humidity. Really tired of that.


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