Saturday, November 14, 2015

Waiting On The Gas Guy

Gibson wakes up at least once an hour to cry out in panic, "Mer! Where are you? I need you!"
Of course I am a foot away, if that.
It's okay. We go right back to sleep.

This morning Owen came and got in bed with us and they giggled and wiggled until I finally said, "Okay, okay. I'll get up."

Got up to note that the heat wasn't on. Nope. Heater not on. Not at all. Nor would it come on.
Checked the gas on the stove. That worked. Started making breakfast. Realized that bacon was not cooking. Checked flame under it. Barely there.
Called Mr. Moon in Georgia. He called the gas guy. Gas guy called. He never sounds happy. He sounded even less happy today. But he's coming over.

Changed breakfast plan to waffles instead of pancakes. Miraculously found waffle maker. Transferred bacon to microwave. Waffles now Owen's favorite food. He ate five.

Gibson cried enough to convince me to let him get back in the bed with my phone to watch videos.

I feel like the best/worst grandmother in the world.

Story of my life.


  1. Love and memories are the best gift a grandmother can give. You made some good memories "the day the gas was out!"

  2. how you got worst out of making it happen is beyond me.

  3. When my middle granddaughter, now 14, was a baby she had some sort of separation anxiety. My then daughter in law told me to stay in the room until she fell asleep (our kids and grandkids before and after her were kissed, put to bed, and that's that). Well, I did that, until she started screaming. I was in and out of the bedroom so many times that I contemplated getting in the crib with her. I settled for a pallet on the floor. She got over that, and moved on to sleep walking.

  4. Best, best, best MerMer EVER. Repeat this as your mantra as there eas never a truer statement. You just rock.


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