Friday, November 13, 2015

Really Humans?

And which religion gets to take credit for this one?
I am so tired of this.


  1. Horrifying. And terrifying. How did we get to this point?


  2. Wiwth ISIS, you're not really dealing with 'religion' anymore. And there are very clear steps as to how it got to this point, I think

    It's about control and power and profit, and that's about it, except it's combined with a fundamentalist Islam mind that ... well, I don't even know how to quantify those thought processes. Evil, is what it is.

    What is happening in Syria, for example, is far more horrifying than the horrific thing that's happening in France. We just feel it more when it happens to white Christians, I'm afraid, because we can relate.


  4. Sickening , I have no idea how men can do this .

  5. My friend was in the concert hall where most died or were injured. He is safe. Agree what is going on in Syria is hideous. Paris gets more coverage. It is all awful. Here in the UK we are told to expect an attack WHEN NOT IF! Warmongerers and for what? Love from across the pond. Maggi x

  6. humans have been doing this shit to each other since the beginning

  7. Very tired of the fanatics. And the wars and more death.


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