Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Same And Then Same. Which Is Good

I can't seem to write any more. I have no idea what's going on. I just feel like my life is completely boring and perhaps the fact that my phone camera doesn't work isn't helping. I love to have a picture to go with a story, you know.
I can't write but I am surely doing some cooking.
Tonight's menu is roasted chicken with lemon and garlic and herbs with roasted vegetables. And, red cabbage cooked with onions and apples and apple cider (thanks, North Carolina people!), various vinegars, caraway seeds and raisins.

My husband is leaving for Georgia tomorrow. This time for possibly ten days. We shall see. That's a long time but I'll be fine and stay busy here at home and in town with my children and grandchildren. I went to town this afternoon and as I pulled out of the driveway, I realized that it was my first trip out of Lloyd since last Friday.
Nothing wrong with that.
Of course in Publix I ran into my next door neighbor and we stood in front of the milk and talked for half an hour. I swear. Not my new next door neighbor, the one on the other side of me. We discussed our chickens and the new neighbor and former neighbors and I don't even know what all. I doubt there are any two people on earth more diametrically opposed when it comes to politics and religion but we just skirt those issues and talk about poultry and pets and stuff like that. Grand kids.
It's so funny to me that some people whose politics and religion are different than mine just drive me crazy. I do my best to avoid them. Whereas others? Well, whatever. I am far more tolerant. Perhaps it has to do with the spirit of the person. My neighbor is a good person and I know that. I think she's woefully misguided in some aspects and she probably thinks the same of me but damn if we don't get along just fine anyway.
I am grateful for good neighbors.

And so it goes. I feel a bit of melancholy that the man is leaving but of course I always enjoy my time alone feeling that I am in some way unaccountable for anything which is silly but still. I read too late and get up when I want and it's a bit like I'm on vacation. Lloyd isn't a bad place for a vacation. I call it the Farm Spa. There's plenty of physical exercise to take and good food from the garden and the chickens and a huge claw-foot tub if one wants a therapeutic soak and a friendly cat and lots of nature.

Lots of nature. And plenty of books.

So that's the news today. I had a good time with Gibson, especially playing our matching game because he gets as much joy when I get a match as he does when he gets one. He's just a joyful child.
I am fortunate to be his grandmother.

I am fortunate in so many ways.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Your words paint the pictures you would have enclosed - though I would have loved to see baby Gibson playing with you. I love being alone, perhaps too much so...

  2. Your posts are always a good read. It is like sitting over coffee with a friend.

    I went over to the Bloggess and read her post about fumbling words. When I was about 17 I had just set up an aquarium but hadn't added any fish yet. A friend of my dad's came to look at it and asked where the fish were.
    Me- No fish yet. Just invisible orgasms.

  3. This blog is very good ..
    as well as the clothes are very beautiful to look at

  4. I could read anything you write and be on the edge of my seat. You never, ever bore me.

  5. This is one of my favorite places to visit. And I totally understand the not-being-accountable thing too. when i have to travel to Michigan, there's a little part of me that loves that for a few days, the only person I have to take care of is myself. And I can drink as much wine, watch as much HGTV and do whatever the eff I want.

  6. I always enjoy your posts . Boy is it humid here. Kinda funny when you mentioned the humidity in Lloyd. Wish it would rain . So funny that all the way across the world I saying the same stuff.

  7. You can write, even when it feels like you can't! (And for some strange reason I've been having the same struggle -- like I just have nothing to say. I think it's seasonal. Autumn is all about slowing down!)

  8. Your writing is as warm and heartfelt as ever! And your own personal farm spa sounds positively blissful. And such yummy, healthy meals to lift body and soul :)

  9. yah, I feel like that sometimes. nothing to say but it's OK how's the boy been...I've got that Beatles song running through my head. good morning, good morning.

    right now I'm immersed in sculpting a day lily flower. I hoped to finish it yesterday but alas...

  10. Joanne- Mostly I love being alone but sometimes I wonder if it's nothing but fear and being in a rut.

    Birdie- I love a good invisible orgasm.

    Fahira- Hello Ms. Spamalot.

    Elizabeth- You're too sweet. Thank you.

    Ramona- I think that for some of us who suffered abuse of one sort of another, being alone can feel like the safest thing there is. Do you think so?

    Leisha- Same-same all over the world. Strange. But true.

    Steve Reed- Now if only my insanities would grow a bit less active.

    Desiree- Well, if I actually make the effort to cook the food.

    Ellen Abbott- Such a great song. Thank you.


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