Saturday, November 14, 2015


Dear Holy Goddess of Grandmothers,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you maxima ultra maxima super maxima, etc.

The grandfather shot a buck, and thus, has come home.

Thank you also for the gas guy who was as surly as ever but who took my check for ten million dollars and drove off into the sunset, having filled my tank with gas.

Thank you for the great gift of heat (it's supposed to get down to 45 degrees tonight) and also, the great gift of cooking.

But honestly and truly, thank you most of all for the Boppy who is, as we speak, sitting on the couch with those beloved grandsons of mine, eating edamame beans after having made me a martini.

And thank you for allowing me to have had my children when I was young and spry.

All love and gratitude...Ms. Moon

This movie has come to my mind countless times today. If you've never seen it, well, I am sorry for you. I remember once going to see my therapist and she told me that her advice for everyone that week was just to go and see "Overboard."
It still works for me.

Now where the hell is my caviar?


  1. SO funny, glad you haven't lost your sense of humor today. I bet you feel about how I felt the first time I had my god daughter for 2 days........ aaack!! She is now 24, thank goodness! Mr Moon back home, meat for the winter and a martini. oh yes.....and heat! Doesn't get any better. Drink up, sweet Mer ;-)
    Susan M

  2. one of my all time get rid of the blues films ever!

  3. It is a funny movie and one I have not see for years .

  4. I have never seen that movie. I should try it sometime. I'm glad Boppy and the buck were both in the right place at the right time! (Well, not right for the buck, I guess.)

  5. I love this movie ... Thank you for steering the flock in the right direction. I look forward as a grandmother, nurse, caretaker of a 93 year old momma and 24 month old bundle of joy to logging in to your posts and hearing the voice of reason❤️

  6. all good things to be thankful for. I love that movie. I love Goldie Hawn and have a total crush on Kurt Russell. i'm only slightly mollified that he hooked up with Goldie Hawn.

  7. Susan M- All great blessings and huge relief!

    Linda Sue- It's just a charming movie.

    Leisha- You should rewatch it. Just for giggles.

    Steve Reed- Definitely not for the buck. I wonder if you'd like the movie. Kurt Russell is about the cutest boy on earth in it.

    Matate- Hello! Where are you from?

    Ellen Abbott- Agreed, wholeheartedly.


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