Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Touch Me, Babe

I am feeling all of the feelings tonight. Quite simply all of them.

I got to see and hold our little guy Gus today because Jessie went with me to go get Owen and then to our trip to the thrift store and my arms love that baby as much as my heart does.
Touch. Oh, how we crave good touch.
While it was just me and Gibson for a little while this afternoon, he was doing something that involved patting my head and my face as I laid on the couch. I think it had something to do with a robot but I have to tell you that the feel of his little hands, firmly but gently on my head felt like he was a faith-healer, rearranging the molecules of me, soothing me and calming me.
And when I came in after leaving my girls and my baby boys this evening, Maurice greeted me and jumped up on the kitchen island and I wrapped my arms around her and held her and I could feel her purr against my chest. Of course, that didn't last for long and she soon uttered a meow and I let her go immediately. But for those few seconds, it was sweetness.

We all need it. We need that touch.

We had a good time at the thrift store. The boys know the routine by now and in the furniture and electronics section they immediately go to the automatic shoe shiner (remember those?) and stick their crock-and-sneakered feet beneath the red and black plush rollers and turn it on. The guy who comes in when you enter the door and an electronic bell goes off said to them, "That's not a toy, boys!" which I found extremely funny because the damn thing has been there for a month at least and who in this world is going to buy an electronic shoe shiner?
Oh well.

We got Lily's baby girl some red velvet Chinese slippers with red ribbon ties and the boys picked out their toys and Jessie bought two brand-new fancypants Dr. Brown's baby bottles which were glass and she decided to get them just in case she ever decides to pump and give August a bottle, and we made our purchases and I wanted a metal plant stand but it cost a ridiculous amount for that particular thrift store so I left it there but I might go back and get it later. Who knows?
They had a Kitchen Aid food processor which didn't appear to ever have been used and I almost bought it because my beloved Cuisinart food processor which I've had for over twenty-five years is not going to last forever.
Or maybe it will.

Speaking of which, I still haven't found my Coobie bra so I ordered three off the internet, black, white, and beige and they arrived today and I feel as if I have made what might possibly be the last bra purchases of my life. If I am lucky. Jessie said today that eventually I'm just going to give up wearing a bra entirely. "I'm 90% there already," I told her.
And I am.

So here I am, feeling sweetness and bitterness, melancholy and yes, almost unholy anticipation about getting in my bed tonight with Cormoran Strike. I am at the part of the book where the danger is escalating, the simmering threats are about to break into a boil and the love story has taken yet another angle away from eventually certain sexy fulfillment. I am going to make a hash of leftover potatoes and carrots, chicken and onions with tomatoes and also kale and mustard from the garden. An egg may be involved.

This has been my day and tomorrow I have to go to town and TAKE CARE OF THINGS including the fact that my iPhone is eating data at a rate not even possible. I could be streaming porn 24 hours a day and it wouldn't be taking up this much data. Anyone got any ideas about that? I'm ready to pitch the damn thing into Lloyd creek where the twelve-foot alligator allegedly lives but of course I won't. It's supposed to get up to 89 degrees again tomorrow and I'm about to go turn the AC back on. The chickens are up and safe and the planet is amazingly still turning on its axis and the tides can still be predicted and there are reputedly places in this world where you can still see the stars and I'm going to hold on to that thought.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That iphone problem sounds like you've got something running in the background. But I don't have one so that advice is not based on actual knowledge, just on something I barely and hazily remember reading about.

    Our temperature is supposed to get all the way up to 14C (57F) on Saturday and I can't wait. I was going to wash and pack up the last of my shorts but I think I'll wait :) (At the moment I am wearing long pants, a sweater, and socks, and my toes are frozen.)

  2. My guess is that you have a 6 or higher phone with the new iOS, and you have "wifi assist" turned on. Google that, and then turn it off. It is supposed to "help" you by using the cell signal when the wifi is weak, but it apparently is a real gas guzzler.

  3. jenny_o- I am grateful not to have to wear socks but damn if it wouldn't be nice not to have to run the air conditioner. Jeez!

    Sarah- Jessie turned that off for me today. Why don't they tell us these things?

  4. All lovely -- except for the data thing. It does sound like you have some background programs "running," but like your other commenter, I have just heard about that. We always have a data usage problem in this joint, but it's mainly due to the boys and their games and snapchatting and scrolling and facebooking, etc. etc.

    I would love to see the tiny red shoes.

  5. Sorry for your phone issues, but up here they don't even work so well. When there are no clouds this is a place with millions of stars. It's fun to look for satellites and meteors and planets.

  6. I love thrift stores. I prefer them to ordinary ones. It's just so exciting finding stuff that you can't get anywhere else and because it is (usually) not expensive you can give it to another thrift store if you don't like it.

  7. I hope the boys aren't put off playing with the shoe-shiner. I mean, really. That guy ought to realize they're not going to sell that thing and let kids play with it all they want. (Maybe he could charge 25 cents a go and make money that way!)

    I could try to offer suggestions re. the phone but you have some good ones already, and I would only be guessing, as my own phone is so old it can barely receive a call. (And that's the way I like it.)

  8. I'm having a hell of a time keeping up with you lately! I feel like time is slipping. Dramatic eh?

  9. Elizabeth- If I ever get the camera working again, I'll be able to take pictures again. Golly but I miss that thing.

    Jono- I think stars and other celestial night-time sights are better than damn cell phones anyway.

    Jenny Woolf- Exactly! It's a treasure hunt every time.

    Steve Reed- Yep. Never get a better phone because you will become as addicted as the rest of us.
    And yeah- can you believe someone spoke that way to MY GRANDSONS!?

    Heartinhand- This is the Drama Club for the Drama Queens. Take a seat. I'll be right with you.


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